Saturday, January 7, 2012

iLove iFree iStuffs!!!!

Just received this new toy from the company. The blogging apps is too small for my liking, but am enjoying the spell checker and Instagram though. The resolution of the apps are for iPhone users, thus for iPad there is a magnifying function which is at the bottom right corner, which I accidentally pressed it quite a few time. Bit annoying considering that the magnified version became all pecah-pecah. For more wordy post, I'll stick to blogging via laptop. This would be more of spur of the moment ones ;)


  1. dapat free? best nyer...
    kampeni takde bagi free untuk staffnya kengkawan ker? xD

  2. wah dpt free gitu. apa occasion nyer? best employee ka???
    oh ya, do check these apps as well: Leme Cam, Pixlromatic & PicFrame.
    Happy exploring!

  3. kak tek..MD ckp boleh..jadik bibik dia 3 bulan ;)

    maya, everybody in the company gets it, something that they have budgeted for last year..rezki, alhamdulillah...thanks, nanti i carik :D

  4. Jeet
    You lum jawab lagi my komen at your previous entry pasal Norwegian Wood. I takleh tidor nyenyak selagi you lum balas komen, hehe..

  5. CS, dah jawab, selamat tidur ya bu... :k

  6. tumpang tak nyenyak tido macam Cik Som gak ni, Jeet tak reply lagi komen-komen (saje jek stresskan plural tu :D) saya kat your previous entries (again, plural :D) tau. Hehe!

    Wahh! Okojot (macam Maya) + dengki (macam kak tek)! Best tu! Lama-lama gerenti pro nye blogging iPad. Tak caya? Tanya.. err, Kak Tek!

  7. aida..yeke..alamak..nanti sat pi check, i normally x view post yang lama2..ampun ya buk.... :D


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