Monday, April 18, 2011

Nak Balik......

Its 8.07 AM on my computer screen. Was here since almost 20 minutes ago. Suddenly I see the sky is getting darker outside. And now it is raining very heavily..

Moday morning + heavy rain + am already in office = Nak Balik!!!!!

Would very much prefer the to hide under my comforter and finally start on those book that have been collecting dust (or just fall asleed till noon?)...hehehehe... :D


  1. when i left home this morning the rain was just about to stop. risau gak td coz i left my big umbrella in the ofc. nasib baik sampai dah reda hujan.

  2. Jeet,
    Today my first day of out after the long break. Punya la tension tengok langit tue.
    Kalau bole nak jer sambung tido :P

  3. dieya, i barely ditched the rain, my office was quite empty till 9.30, people were stucked at parking... :P

    maya, welcome back!!! i feel you sista.... :O


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