Thursday, April 14, 2011

Farewell : The Dream Chaser

A friend leaves the company today. She sent out her last note. Though she is faraway in a state that is hyped up with campaign right now, I can feel her so close.

She mentioned it few months back, so I was not in a shocked. She has always been the one that lives her life the way she wants it. Who would have thought that a hijab wearing girl would wear a mini skirt? Well, she did (not in the kind cultured shocked kid would do). I still have your pictures in those minis….(it was Wati’s open house in 2006)

She said she wanted to do something that she likes. I don't know the details but as the title of her last mail, she is chasing her dream. I applaud her for being brave to do that. Its a bold move, and I don't have that guts, though I wish very much about it.  
When I read her email, I feel happy for her. I may not have her courage, but I am really glad she has taken the step.

All the best to you, Asma......If you are well on the way in making that travel show....I nak ikut!!!!!  :) Keep in touch girl...dah sampai semenanjung let me know, we meet up, am dying to know what your plans are..(kepochi kan?) :P


  1. Hi Jeet, it is good to live out our dreams or to chase rainbows.
    Our life today is not a dress rehearsal. We only get to play one round.
    So live out your life with no excuses, love with no regrets.

    Sometimes we need to take that first live a life the way we want it to be.

    Wishing your friend, may the winds of destiny take her aloft to dance with the stars.
    You have a pleasant weekend, and keep a song in your heart. Best regards.

  2. hijab with mini skirt? or saja2 pakai mini skirt dlm rumah? mcm takleh imagine apa rupanya...

    pssst.. is our exam 2moro? o la semana que viene? i dah lost count.

  3. Jeet,
    Quit her job, living the life as she wants it.. hmm sounds familiar, eh? :D

    Best wishes to your friend, Jeet.

    And girls, Barca is playing tomorrow! They have 4 matches, starting tomorrow till early May. :D

  4. uncle lee, true to every words, we pave our own road rite ;) u have a good weekend too !!

    dieya, betul...she worked the mini to an open house, and it looks cute on her (la mona...hehehe...) :D

    aida, ha'ah la...sounds familiar..siapa ye.... :d, siempre para galacticos, vamos, vamos... :k

  5. Jeet,
    The sky is the limit :P
    Be adventurous. God knows how many companies i've worked with.
    Yg lawak tu i tak submit application. I was being head hunted.
    Re hijab now skirt, it happened to one of my staff. I'll write an entry on this one fine day ok.
    (omg, i just noticed that i hv promised few ppl on certain topic. Aduihh stress balik ... :P)

  6. maya, good for you :) yes, sky is the limit. somewhere over the rainbow you'll find me ...hehehe....

    cant wait for your post ;)


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