Sunday, January 10, 2010

What kind of a fan am I?

Obviously not a good one. Only now that I thought of checking whether or not Portugal made it to finals in SA!! Seriously ketinggalan zaman. Am glad that they are in, but they are in tough group I might say.

Portugal is in Group G, which stand Brazil, North Korea and Ivory Coast. Man, these are tough opponents. Spain looks in better position with Chile,Honduras and Switzerland in the same group. The other group seems to be evenly balanced on the weak and strong side, but for Group G, I foresee that C.Ronaldo will have to go head to head with mean looking Drogba and they really have to outplay Brazil by miles to go through the next round. North Korea, although I don't really know the team and how they perform, I think given from the country background, would expect nothing less than a good fight from them.

Portugal really have to step up their game to survive the qualifying rounds. 151 days more to go!!!

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