Thursday, May 24, 2018

WLC Update

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wa barakatuh...

I started this journey in early April, weighted about 88kg. Today, when I weighed myself this morning, it was 81.8 kg. That is 6.2 kg in almost 2 months. I did cheat in between. The week of the election, I was in KL, all things goes out of the window..hehehe.. Other people easily loose 6 kg in one month.

I know it will be (forever and ever) an uphill battle for me in terms of loosing weight. I can tighten my belt, exercise like crazy and yet I will still see my weight plateau. I totally broke down yesterday morning, the weight was stagnant at 82.4 kg for few days despite it being fasting month. Stress ok. Orang lain follow the meal plan and they easily loose 2-3 kilo a week. Me? Jangan harap. I would have to supplement the meal plan with a 5K walk to even loose 1kg a week. It is so unfair and I hate my body for this. I really do, but not to the point of damaging it. I won't be going to jamu store and buy whatever ubat kurus available. Tak la sampai macam tu.

The key now is to keep telling myself, I'm doing fine, its ok to slack off once in a while, but just keep doing this. Physically, I've not felt any significant difference. My body hasn't change that much. People are still not able to tell that I am loosing weight. It will take loosing another 5 kg easily if I were to feel it I guess. Punya la ketegaq lemak-lemak ni semua.

I plan to have a full medical check up closer to my birthday. Hopefully I'll be out of obese zone by that time. I need to start looking for personal insurance. Who knows what will happen in the future. The company will not be there for me the whole time, my days are numbered. In order to not pay for a hefty premium, I need to get myself out of the high risk zone. InsyaAllah I can do it.

Till next time. Wassalam.

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