Monday, July 2, 2018

World Cup 2018 Russia

Assalamualaikum wbt

Its that time of 4 years again, yes, World Cup is heating up worldwide as we speak, with group stage completed and now we are at the round of 16, things are heating up pretty fast. And alhamdulillah, I will be going again this year, my 3rd world cup :)

This time around the fight to get the ticket was so intense, we did not get what we wanted, we only managed to secure a 3rd match ticket and I bought a quarter final ticket for myself. This time around there will be 3 of us, Dieya at first almost could not make it despite having completed (purchased) all the flight tickets and hotel stay and all, but by some lucky turn of event, she will be going! We have a new member joining the GCK, Fizah my BBGS mate. This is her first world cup and bet you she is ecstatic! Ija and Adin had to pass this trip due to some personal constraint. 

I will be going first, my flight is departing this Friday 6th July. As of now, only my body is here, my soul has partially departed..hahaha..My first destination is Samara, langsung tak research lagi nak buat apa kat sana. I will have 8,9 and 10th to go around jalan-jalan. The girsl will join me later on 10th in St Petersburg and then we will proceed to Moscow and then final destination Kazan. 

Hopefully everything will go well, insyaAllah. Till next post. Tata.

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