Wednesday, January 25, 2017


Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wa barakatuh....

Alhamdulillah, I've completed my 3 years here comes 1st Jan. I am now in my final year. Many things have changed over the past 3 years and the latest is now I have a new boss. He's a local guy, while WK has been tasked to another work that was vacated by someone that has retired.

So this new boss is not somebody new. He's a local Nigerian. When I came in, he was posted to Brunei, but his career as expat ended short, as Nigeria desperately needs him to come back due to some re-organization. He came back and worked in Projects and now with the new development, he's been constituted back to our team, as Process Safety Manager.

Physically he's not here yet, but slowly he's taking over from WK. WK now is back in Malaysia for CNY, hence he leads the first department meeting last Monday. One of the first thing that he asked me to do was to take the minutes. My knee jerk reaction is, you think I'm a trainee? A bit crossed that I'm being asked to do 'balachi' work. Well I still am, they asked me to do 'clerical' work such as weekly highlights, for example. And FYI we have a trainee in this department. How come I have to do this?

I took it as insult, initially, but within hours I managed to look past the task. I am the kind of person that loose focus immediately. I have short term attention span and I forget things, but if I really paid attention, things got embedded in my mind, it will be quite hard to erase it.

So this task actually will keep me focused. As mundane as it may seem, this is my chance to be updated. I do noticed work that comes in straight away goes to my colleague. The locals like to deal with the locals and I would be in the dark had I not been snooping around. Fell discriminated? I definitely am.

So yes, ambik la MoM kami ni pun, if thats what it takes for me to be in the game. One more year. With the MASIP gang slowly moving away, only Anton and myself left in the camp. The new people that came in are mostly from UK (British, Scottish...) No new Dutch people as well. It has became a more English environment. I have nothing against them, but definitely losing the Asian touch. So yes, I'm looking forward to go back to Malaysia end of this year. I'm actually looking forward to get out of here, but Malaysia said no, you cannot apply anywhere else, you have to come back! I am still hoping for miracles as I still want to see more of this world. Hehehe.. selfish sangat kan..

Ok, till next time. Now counting days to my next trip back home, in about 16 days.


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