Monday, January 30, 2017

Mak dan 5705

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wa barakatuh..

So many things happening in the world today, particularly last weekend, Trumps executive order to ban Muslim from entering USA has caused massive chaos in their airports and mixed reaction from all over the world. Everybody seems to be talking about it, regardless whether they are impacted directly or not. So need I say more? I don't see the need to do so.

Lets talk about something closer to me, in fact, someone really close to me.

Mak has never had the privilege to learn how to drive. She's been either on the public transport or relied on arwah ayah to move around. She knew how to ride a motorcycle when she was young, but she didn't really use it that much since.

So when ayah fall sick and many of us lived far from home, we urged mak to take up driving lesson and get a license. Mak was reluctant at first, she was not confident that she can do it. She initially went for few lesson but the instructor was really strict, kinda scared mak a bit. I guess its the age. Mak is one steadfast lady, that worked odd jobs, braved the storm of living in the big city, sacrificing hours making kuih and nasi lemak to feed us. She normally doesn't give up easily, but when it comes to driving she was happy to be in her comfort zone.

And then ayah got really sick, up to a point ayah could no longer drive. So happened adik is still at home since she has decided to take some time off before pursuing her degree. We trusted adik to send mak for driving classes, study for the test etc. Mak finally took the driving test and she passed!

However, we plan, but Allah SWT plans as well. Just after mak passed the driving license, ayah passed away. Few days later mak went over to JPJ to get her license. She told the counter staffs, 'Makcik ambik lesen sebab nak bawak pakcik pi hospital, tapi ajal pakcik dah sampai..tak dan.'

Well, all is not lost we say, because mak used to rely on ayah to travel around, and now she has a valid driving license, and has built some confidence to drive around, it gives her more freedom to move. She can visit Lang anytime she wants should there be any emergency.

Therefore we decide to buy mak a new car. She passed the test using an auto car, but we only have manual car in the house. The colour was of her choice. I purposely asked for the similar plate no :)

And mak already had the test drive all the way to Baling to my cousin's house! What you don't see in the picture is the jam packed passangers, my sisters and nieces and nephew. Excited semua!
Till next time. I've yet to test drive the new car..hehe


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