Monday, October 12, 2015

Its been a while..

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wa barakatuh..

Last weekend I spent a full 2 days finishing up a piece of doily. It was so big that it can be a tablecloth.

I will be losing few friends within these two months. In fact, one family has left and I did not managed to make anything for them. I started this project about one month back and only managed to complete it yesterday.
The whole piece. In comparison to iPad2.

I referred to patterns downloaded from the internet. There are loads of patterns to be chosen from. Its just a matter of picking it and starting a project. This maybe my biggest piece that I have worked on. The biggest challenge is making mistakes, and you only realized when the next round could not be completed because some chain and stitches are not there. I spent nearly 3 hours to undo and re-do some of the mistakes that I made. 

Mistakes happen when I was too engrossed and at time when I was sleepy. This one has definitely pushed my limit for crotchet. For knitting, don't even ask. I am stuck. I'll do something about it later.  I still have 3 doilies to start and finish though. So wish me luck! :)

p/s: The picture quality is very bad, I know, its from my phone. Haha. For now I am slowly getting back my mojo to write, one step at a time. Photography will be next,as we improve on writing and updating the blog ok. :D


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