Friday, October 2, 2015

Itik Kegilaan Ramai

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh...

Lama betul tak menulis (speak my mind), and today I did just that but via IG..hahaha. It all started when I saw a post by duckscarves. Looked on further to see what was it all about, and I was not really comfortable with what I saw.

On one of the post I read most of the comments and it just hits me, people are getting out of control. They were talking about grabbing a certain design/colour and how some of the duckies struggle to get what they want. Duck scarves has became a household name, their fans are all over the world and since their marketing strategy really hits all the right note, their business is booming, even with the current economic state. Imagine a satin scarf can cost minimum RM 100 and people still queue both online and offline to get it. I understand about liking certain things despite the price, like my obsession with World Cup, the game tickets are expensive and majority would not even spend that money. Its ok, I get it, people loves the products.

But my main issue is that some of the duckies are obsessed, majorly obsessed. Some even said that they sacrifice their sleep to wait for the online release, some complain when they can't buy the limited edition ducks, some even go as far as buying a LE duck from seller that jack up the price double! Can you imagine? I mean, is it all really worth it? Not to mentioned, from what I read, there are some battle online to get the latest/rarest (or whatever it is) ducks.    

Come on! We have become so obsessed with the worldly things. Sangat obsessed ok, and it's not good.. .Benda yang patut jadi a means for us to fulfill syariat (tutup aurat) has caused more rift than anything else, kenapa materialistic sangat? What's with style and fashion? Why are we so hard up on spending our effort on this dunia?. .This brings back the issue of Malaysian complaining of ringgit value drop, and yet you still have money to buy RM 100+ scarf? . Samalah macam peminat Fareeda semua tu, sama ja, beratur panjang2 semata-mata nak dapat yang latest, doesn't matter how much it cost.

Of course when I re-posted the pictures with my comments, some came to defence. Suit yourself, but just reflect within outselves, why do we buy the scarf in the first place? Nak tutup aurat kan? Tapi kalau beli tudung pon sampai gaduh2, then what's the point?

And oh, there is one comment on the original post about the online release timing yang clash dengan waktu Subuh, the buyer may miss Subuh sebab nak catch that online sale. I mean, what the ?? Mana lagi penting, solat ka beli duck?

Our society is dying, materials seems to matter more, on the surface there is nothing wrong with the product, its scarf for god sake, but how people reacted to it that defines our society. I thought only Americans are crazy enough to camp 2 days ahead of any Apple product release, apparently Malaysians are catching up as well.
The image I re-posted from duckscarves IG

That's all I've got to say. Till next time. Wassalam.

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