Thursday, February 12, 2015

Hang Tuah 2 Reunion

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wa barakatuh...

February will be a crazy month for me. All because my boss did not allowed me to work from KL..hehehe. I have planned to take leave during the CNY and did planned a family holiday. My batch from primary school has been contemplating to organize a reunion for quite some time, and finally we agreed to a date, 8th Feb 2015.

To cut long story short, I wanted to attend the reunion, but I also have limited leave days left, so I could not extend (or bring forward) my leave. Hence, I took the crazy decision to fly back for the weekend solely for the reunion. It was crazy, tiring but truly satisfactory. Last time we had a reunion was 2003, 10 years after we left primary school and now its 2015. Some could not join then, and not many can join this year as well, but we proceeded anyway.

I was elected as the chairperson (me, located all the way here, :), but not to let down my friends, I agreed anyway. They are a bunch of dedicated people, they just need somebody to lead and give direction, even if it means remotely. And boy was I glad when all went well and the event was a success! Alhamdulillah.

Cikgu Sehah bagi ucapan sebelum acara potong kek.
Penyambut tetamu yang manis-manis :)
With my English teacher, Miss Indra
With Cikgu Ariffin
Cikgu Ariffin is my class teacher when we were in standard 6. He was mentioning about the shirt that I gave him, he wore it until it can no longer be worn. Even I don't remember that....gosh! Then again, I don't remember most of the things that I gave to people, but I remembers what people gave to me. It goes both ways I guess :)
Buddies since standard 1, stuck in the same class till standard 6. 
The whole lot - 30+ out of maybe ~100 students in our batch
I didn't get to eat this cake, but I tapau-ed it :)
The loot : souvenir clock, name tag, key chain I AM and we made it compulsory for everybody to come with a gift so that we can exchange it :)
Meenachi, Premila, Alvin and me : 1Malaysia ek? :)
Something happen during the brief picture session here. I was holding the cup, and typical me being clumsy turned the cup over without realizing there were still water inside the cup, yes, I am a klutz. Of course my hand was wet. None of us the girls had anything to wipe it, and here comes Alvin handed me out his tissue (so sweet!!). Seeing that Premila teases him, saying how gentleman he was and why he is still not married. Premila then asked me where my family are. I say, what family? Then she got the idea that I am not married as well. She teased me, and I asked her to find a good man for me, she then turn the attention to Alvin, ni ada..? 

Alvin was taken aback, he quickly went back to claim the gift. I have never seen him backed down from a provocation like that. Alvin that I used to know quickly snap and lash back at any attack/ advances that he gets. This is Alvin is now a matured man, my oh my, this childhood friend of mine is all grown up, and I am all grown up as well, it gave a weird kinda feeling at that time, such ease to see him that way. 

I didn't get to talk much to Alvin, not as much as when we catch up last time in Singapore, I was busy running around, to make sure the event went smooth, we changed the flow as we go along, taking timing and people's reaction into consideration. I need more Alvin time. Maybe I will contact him once I am back in KL, that is if he's not running away from me. He has that reputation though...hehehe..

Ok then, till next time. Need to pack again, going back to Malaysia twice a month is probably the craziest thing I have ever done.Who would have thought? hehehe....


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