Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Shell RA Triathlon 2015

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wa barakatuh..

Last weekend we had a triathlon held here in the camp, I volunteered to be one of the water giver. I was stationed at a junction where participants are supposed to turn to a cycling loop.
Participant's registration
The whole circuit was:

Swimming : 10 laps : ~49.5m
Cycling : 3 laps: ~21 km
Running : 1 lap : ~3km

R-rated photo..hahahaha...!!

The organizer cum champion of the day explaining the rules and regulation

On your mark, get set, go!!

While I was there, as the participants passed by, I cheered them up, just to give some moral support and to keep them going. Here's what I found, out of some 30+ participants, there are few types:

  1. Those that smile at me as I cheered them along.
  2. Those that smile and say 'thank you' as I cheered them.
  3. Those that are too tired to response, but later when the event finishes, came to me personally to thank me for cheering on them.
  4. Those that has their game face on, no response as I cheered and of course nothing said afterwards.

Only yesterday I was able to reflect, what I can take away in all of these.

Be consistent in good things that you do. People reacted to it differently, don't be bothered by it. People's recognition should not dictates how we treat other people. (Easier said than done...I know).

Regardless how the participants reacted, I was satisfied that I all of them made it to the finish line, and I find joy in cheering for them smile emoticon

It's about me, it's not about them, yeah.. I am selfish that way.. Hehehe...

Group pics credit to Pak Anton Sutheja.

Now I am aspired to train, at least to try improve my swimming..hahaha.. I could only do breast stroke and I didn't even dare to go to the deep end of the pool, I always hang about the kiddies area, malu kan... hahaha.. I should spend my time here well to pick up all these things, things that I can find thousands of excuses back home to not do it. Chaiyok!!


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