Friday, May 23, 2014


Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh....

Kim, this is the first time I am writing about you. I just want to say thanks. You might not know what you have done, but I really appreciate it. We are not that close, but somehow each time I feel down, there you are comforting me. All the same, its about the house. We are fighting the same battle, just that you are lucky that they are finishing on your house now.

Last night I was so down, and somehow today you decided to sit with me during breakfast, thank you. You always sits with the rest, but today you sit with me. Allah knows that I am frustrated right now with the whole house stuffs and maybe Allah has sent you to just lift up my day. Thanks Kim. Next week, you'll move to your house. I will definitely miss your company. I am pretty sure you won't miss mine. Then again, thanks a lot Kim, for those little talks as we walk to the office, the occasional chat in the bus, thank you very much.

I pray for all the patience that I can get, and hope they can start the work on my house, finish it up, so that I can cook and have you over for lunch or something, so that I can return the gesture. Thank you very much Kim.


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