Monday, May 5, 2014

Firefly Lane by Kristin Hannah

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh....

Its been a while I shared my book reviews (as if I wrote that many reviews :P). Its been a while as well since I last finished a complete book. Time seems to pass by very quickly, especially when you are alone. You would have thought that being alone means you get to do more things, yes, but on condition that you have to be discipline. Me and discipline does not go hand in hand.

I started on this book more than 6 months ago. My first English books after a string of demam novel melayu....hehehe... I have never really read a chick flick/ chick lit, last was the one I shared here about a girl's trip to NY on new years' eve. I have never bought Sophie Kinsella's book, just not drawn to it I guess. So this is an attempt to see if I can survive the genre. (survived for 6 months that is!!)

The story started off slow, very slow, and its no way a page turner, but I had promise myself to finish this book before moving on to a new one. A simple friendship story with series of trouble among two girls that later in life brought them to two different paths. I can recognize one of the character in me, and that's the point it starts to hook me into reading it further. The plot is predictable, with a bit of suspense here and there but of course not to a level a thriller can give you chills. I think it would make a so-so drama that would probably survive one season. The tagline on the cover actually got me hooked .

I keep on reading to find out what the betrayal is, who betrayed who, as it can potentially goes both ways. And finally it happened, maybe I have not read enough chick lit, I didn't really see it coming, oh well.... there it is. Based on other people's review, they were quite pissed with how the two characters were brought together, so cliché, they say...hahaha... what do you expect, I wouldn't put high hopes in chick lit for the twist and turn. 

Reading this book, I began to reflect on my own, how solitary lives can impact me, it has, and I hope I am handling it well. Years worth of friendship does not guarantee anything. Friendship, as any other relationship goes through ups and downs, mine has pretty much been plateau for the very much part of it, be it with anybody. I managed to steer clear of just having one BFFs. I have big groups of girl friends, which I know when push comes to shove, they will be there for me emotionally. (Can't really count on physical support, each has their own commitment, I have to deal with it)

One of my close friend has just had a rough patch with another close friend (they still are as we are talking now). I listened to both sides, trying to be impartial, but somehow I tend to side with one of them, advises were given, but the outlook is not good. How far can you go in intervening somebody's else's problem? I found this video by Syeikh Yasir Qadhi helps a lot. 

Watch from minute 28 onwards, the second part of the khtbah. May it all help us as well. 


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