Tuesday, January 14, 2014

From M to N (Malaysia to Nigeria)

Assalamu'alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.

I have promised and I have broken my promised. I have been delaying my post for what it feels like forever. I have safely arrived here on 2nd Jan 2014. The journey leg same as before but this time I was flown to Dubai instead of Doha (Emirates flight tickets are cheaper at that time I guess..hehehe..)

First post of the year, let me just share few picture of late.
my future mode of transportation inside the camp
stuffs 1
stuffs 2
stuff 2 another view
stuffs 3
How can a single person have that many things? Well, simple. I will not be able to buy much stuffs once I get to Nigeria. The advice that I get is bring whatever that you think that you would need. Hence, for the past few months prior to the departure, I have been buying stuffs and stocking up. I loose track of how many packs of detergent that I bought. And, according the old timers, electrical goods are very expensive (well, everything is expensive here), some even go to the distance of buying spares for everything!! I only bought spare iron, rice cooker and standing fan. There is this one guy, he is buying a spare TV!! amek kau..
packers packing away...

These things are all inside the container sailing somewhere, yet to reach Nigerian shore. I will be expecting them in the next 3 months insyaAllah. I have yet to receive my 75kg air freight, in which I thrown in some books, my bicycle, and also some kari ayam dalam tin..hehehe...

Until next time daa...

1st post di perantauan : #belummenangislagi hehehe  hashtag tak boleh blah!! :P 


  1. i really can't wait to see those boxes being unpacked and their contents settled in your new place in nigeria!

    1. me too!! i really hope all the food items survived the shipment and i tak sabar nak tunggu rumah ready for me, excited !! ;)


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