Sunday, January 19, 2014

Expats Field Day, well....sort of ;)

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh...

Since I touched down on 2nd Jan, my route was only go to office (Industrial Area, IA) and back to the room (guest house in the Residential Area, RA). We are not allowed to go anywhere OUTSIDE the camp. Only in Port Harcourt, we are not allowed to move freely. The rest of the state, Lagos for example we can basically move around.

We get our daily needs inside the camp. For now as long as I am living in the guest house, I eat at the club house, my laundry is being taken care for and my bed is daily made. What more could I ask? Only when I move in to my own house, I will need to worry about buying groceries and stuffs. Which is why we have the shopping trip once in a fortnight :)

Yesterday we had the first trip of the year, and although I have yet to move to my own house, I decided to follow the trip, just to check out what is available and what is not. 

meaning it is allowed outside?!!

Kak Rosiah and Geoffrey, my two new good friend
We were sent (escorted) to two shops, the first one is Everyday, located somewhere at the town. A lot of electrical goods are available, food items are limited, but I was told things that you get here, you might not see it in the next shop. So if you like something just buy it.
multi cooker

Buatan Malaysia :)
The escort, I still could not figure out what type of gun they are using. 
The next shop is Park and Shop, somewhere in the town as well, I can't really tell where, as I am only confined to both RA & IA, so yes, I wouldn't know my way..hehehe.. This shop has more Asian variance. Mostly Thai food paste and ingredients.
Indian snacks (adik beradik murukku la lebih kurang). Bought one packet just to taste :)

well....hello santan..long time no see.. hehehe....

50 Naira = RM 1. You do the math, tengok berapa harga beras basmati sekilo..hehehe...
Mostly the customers are expat. They (we) flooded the supermarket only on alternate weekends.
Geoffrey's total bill. He bought some packed frozen shrimp, really big ones...
Kak Rosiah being escorted out to the van by one of the protocol guys.
That's it, our less than half a day shopping trip in Port Harcourt. We are indeed very confined. All our moves are fully controlled and true enough, not much freedom here. There is slim chance that I get to experience the real Nigeria. For the food choices, I have no complaints, as long I can get some halal meat, fine by me. :)

Kak Rosiah is a Bruneian lady that also live as single here, her husband is in Gabon, she arrived in November last year and hopefully in a month time will be able to move to her own house. They are still doing some renovation work on it. Her shipment are all here already, now only waiting for the house.

My house? It is currently occupied by an Indian family. They are moving to US in March, I will go in after the real estate people complete the renovation, quite few things needs to be touched up and re-done. So tentatively, I still do not know how long it will take. Let it be, I'll tell the story about that house later. Till then, adios :D


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