Tuesday, November 26, 2013

The Farewell Begins

Assalamulaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh...

It has finally started. I am now going around saying thank you and good byes to people. Last weekend, I visited an ex-colleague, Kak Safura and her hubby Razif at their new house. And on Sunday I managed to hang out with the girls and later round up few of my squad from batch 21 ROTU UiTM. We had a small potluck get together with our respective small families. Yours truly of course la sorang kan.. :)
The view from 29th floor, Twins Damansara

The spread: kebab in saffron sauce, kuih cara, garlic rice, chicken something-something..all are yummeh!!

The highlight of the day : Homemade cream cheese and cookies ice cream, extremely good, I had more than one serving of this. Enough said.  

With the man of the house
The lovely couple. 
On Sunday, few of my girlfriend gave in to my request to take a shot at archery. We went to Stars Archery, Sunway Pyramid. It was definitely fun as later after the session we went for Hunger Games 2. Semua feeling Katniss Everdeen sat..hahaha...I am guessing we are going to do it again.
Ready to rumble...?

All suited up!!

Katniss versi melayu in action.. :p

Our last shot...nak jugak amik gambar...

13 out of 15 arrows made it onto the board..not bad.. not bad at all. The sharp shooter feeling datang balik...hehehe...
Later the same day, I rushed over to Shah Alam, to meet up with my blood sisters and one brother ex ROTU UiTM batch 21. We had a simple potluck and chatted over till it was almost Maghrib. Of course, they knew that I am leaving, hence we have that gathering. I will definitely miss this bunch, next 4 years or so I will not be seeing them again. But the world is such a smaller place now, with all the social media available, I would still be in the loop.

Kumbang nan seekor..tu pun sebab we have it right at his apartment..kalau tak dia pon tak datang... ;p

The whole lot.
Yesterday, we had a farewell session for two ladies, yes, I am not the only one leaving. The Finance Manager is leaving to Miri, end of month and I will leave end Dec. The reason I am being celebrated much much earlier as the office would be quite a deserted place come Dec, people would most probably be clearing their leaves then.
Helping ourselves with the food
Mei Li, (in front of me) is leaving as well.
This is probably when the story about 'the chair' came out. SRC's own urban legend...
I was asked to give a speech..nak nanges dah time ni... ;(
Sweet cuppies ;)
main actress je nampak...extra kena overshadowed..hehehe..
Lunch buddy minus one. She's out on course.
All the SWAN ladies!! gonna miss them :(
Amek kaw...dah lama tak update, sekali letak dekat 20 pictures. You would expect more with the next coming weekends :)


  1. All the best kak! And take care. :)

  2. Jeet adinda... selamat berjaya ye... jgn lupa blogging bila kt sana...farewell dik! bila nak tolaknyer? - Kak Yong

    1. mekasih kak yong...bertolak 1st Jan insyaAllah...nanti saya update gambar geng-geng usher n will smith..hehehe..

  3. Wow dah lama tak baca everyone's blogs. You pindah Shell House ke?

    1. asma, am moving out of the country..shell house pon dah pindah location, but i guess you must have known about that now already ;)


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