Thursday, December 5, 2013

Personal Update

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahiwabarakatuh...

Newsflash!! I got an SMS from a friend this morning, wanted to introduce a guy to me. Believe it or not this is the first in 32 years of my life somebody has made a serious offer to get me acquainted with some one. (Well...dulu-dulu maybe ada kot..but I never took it seriously and I don't get any serious follow up pon).

Ok, back to the main topic. My friend passed my phone number to her friend, this guy SMSed me with the intention 'nak kenal'. So my next step was, to ask him to read my blog. I took a big risk, I might scare him off right away. I told him it was the easiest way to know me without meeting me yet. If he is interested, then we can take it further. I have never been out on a date with a non-mahram and I am not about to start, even if the intention is to get married. I know I am scaring him off. Tapi nak buat macam mana, this is the most shariah compliant way that I can think of. When asked does he have any other proposal on how to get to know me, he said he didn't have any.

So yes, tengoklah dia baca ka tak blog ni. The reason I want him to read this blog is firstly I am super cold with strangers especially guys. I have no problems with guys, among my closest confidante at work is a guy, but strangers...I took quite a significant time to warm up. Secondly, I like to read, A LOT and I would want somebody that reads as well. Kalau light reading macam ni pun susah nak baca, what do expect of heavier reading material, so yes, it tells something about the person. Nak-nak pulak in this age people ONLY read what has been posted on FB, regardless right or wrong, which is my biggest pet peeves.

Thirdly, I opens up more in this blog compared to anywhere else, so if he cannot 'tahan' this version of me, then we don't have to take it further. Its your choice. Fair isn't it? Here, he can judge my look, my thinking, my lifestyle, my faith, my deen, and many other aspects. So yes, kalau tak boleh tolerate, nak buat macam mana kan? I am looking for a life partner, not a one time fling, you will be subjected to be with me for the rest of your life, insyaAllah (and all the way to Jannah, I wish!!)

I know I am being idealistic, but Allah knows best.

And to you, if you are reading this right now, all the best. Kalau larat bacalah sampai post yang awal-awal dulu...hehehehe.. (tough luck la ni kan)

Lagi satu..nak test English.. I kan budget omputih....(jahat betui...hahahaha..)


  1. renjis renjis dipilis.. ehem..
    ditaburiii lah mawar... ehem...

    kaktek doakan agar Tuhan lancarkan perjalanan idup mu cayanggg..... jgn lupa jemput-jemput..

    1. hold dulu tabur renjis2 segala bagai kak tek..hehehe...saya belum apa2, kak tek lak excited :) doa kak tek saya aminnkann...mekasih!!

  2. Hahaha! Tapi memang setuju bab - kalau nak kenal, baca blog.

    Anyway, good luck lah! Kami doa yang baik-baik dari jauh. :)

    1. mekasih paiz, i need all the luck in the world (drama la ni kan..) hahaha..

  3. Wah wah wahhh" how come i terlepas ini good news?!

    Well hello jeet's new guy friend! I can assure you that jeet is a great person. Soft spoken, humble, smart and witty too. Solehah yang paling penting. I know jeet thru blog as well, then we become good pals, and so far she hasn't kill me yet. That's a good thing, kan!

    Jeet dearie, i pray for u. Insha Allah. All the best, can't wait for the good news!


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