Friday, August 30, 2013

Syria...where do we stand?

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh...

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Ok..back to business. 3 hours of watching CNN has triggered this question. For now White House is looking for allies to take military action on Syria. The last chemical weapon attacks to the civillians has strengthen the decision even more. They were intially looking at Britain to join them in yet another mission to save the world.

Surprisingly, more than half of Britain's parliamentary rejected the motion..leaving the Prime Minister to say NO to White House's proposal.
CNN showed the footage of the debate and there was a clear vibe among the parliament members that they want to avoid another Iraq...where up till now the WMD has yet to be found.

They will at least wait until the UN investigation concluded on the last incident that killed mostly among them women and kids, then they'll probably decide once again whether or not to join their ally, the US.

Back in the states, it was not a unanimous decision either...rallies were held in some part, refusing war on Syria. They too are strongly against another yet a repeat of Iraq invasion. They demand for solid proofs before any military action to be taken..

The states secretary are confident that the action is a go, regardless there allies to it or not. Russia refused to support the war on Syria. And while most of the countries in the world had condemned Assad and his regime, none of which are strongly behind the idea of war on Syria.

If US strike on Syria does happen, Assad will be greatly supported by Iran, and not to mentioned...the Isreal as well. It will be a very long battle. One could imagine what kind of war facilities Iran has up on their sleeves.

The question a Muslim, we detest what the regime has done to its people. Its clearly a Sunni-Shiite conflict. We all wish Assad to be defeated. But how? On one hand, one of the world's veto power has initiated what we wish we could do. But on the other hand, we know once US sends its troop to a country, much more casualties to be expected. Plus, the country will no longer be ruled by its own people. All kinds of puppet show will go on once US started to meddle into the country's business. Iraq and Afghanistan is the living proof of that.

So the question remains, where do we stand? hoping for Obama to stay true to his words and launch attack on Assad? Or at all cost avoid foreign invasion on Syria and let Assad and his dogs to continue mutilating our brothers and sisters over there...? Honestly, I don't know which one is better.

Pray to Allah SWT all the best to Syrian people. Its a long battle for them, to a point it is unimaginable to us. Being brought up in a free country, we should really appreciate what we have. The peace, the stability, the platform to say our piece, all of these did not come for free. And to maintain that will take even more hardwork and sound mind.

Selamat Hari Merdeka untuk semua rakyat Malaysia. Doa saya moga Malaysia kekal aman dan kita akan berada di tempat yang membolehkan kita terus membantu umat Islam seluruh dunia...aamiinn.....

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