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The Egypt Conflict for Dummies - a translated version

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Received an email from a colleague, she asked whether am I interested to do some pro-bono translation work. She was referring to this link.

From the trail of comments, seems like they need help to get it translated to English. I am not saying I'm good in English, but I know enough and I think I can contribute in this way.Without much thought, I agreed. I honestly hope nothing gets lost in translation, insya Allah.

So here goes, my small deeds to spread the awareness of the current conflict in Egypt. May Allah bless our brothers and sisters over there and gives them the best. Allah knows best of what is good for them and for Islam in general.

Those highlighted portion are my comments, minor disputes with the original writer...hehehehe.. (nak jugak..!!) I even copied the pictures from the post, just to add some colour to this yet to be long and serious post :D


When I was asked at Pengicau, “Who is as-Sisi?” I knew that I had to pen down this post.
Based on the format of Israel-Palestine conflict for Dummies that was written quite some time back, Insya Allah I will be sharing facts and important points in relation to the on-going crisis in Egypt right now, for the benefits of all.

Of course, I will not be able to tell all about the crisis in this post and therefore I would only focus on 2 things for the time being:
1. Important facts on the on-going crisis
2. Significant historical background of the crisis.

Hopefully, after going through this post, you will, more or less have a clearer picture on what is actually happening in Egypt. Thereafter, it’s my wish that you would share these facts with friends, families, neighbour, or anybody you wish to. There are still a large amount of people out there that are still not aware of the actual situation in Egypt and relying heavily on the biased local mainstream media mostly originated from the West.

(I beg to differ, we have been given the freedom to choose, there will always be sources of news that is questionable, but lo and behold, I've watched TV Al-Hijrah almost every night and they are mainstream, but they do provide trustworthy news. Don't be too quick in judging the local mainstream media. They do have integrity)

And if you wish to know further, by all means you can go ahead and kick-start your own research. If you want to know more than that, the only way is resort to doing a live coverage from Egypt itself!

Fact #1
Let’s first have a look at Egypt’s history, so that we can further understand the socio-political condition that provided the base of turmoil that is currently happening in Egypt.

Egypt itself is rich in history. Among the earliest civilization that sees the rise of great monuments such as pyramid, the Sphinx and the Obelisk, not to mentioned, belly dancing too. Egypt was also part of the background location for Yusuf AS’s history that ends with the typical happily ever after when he was elected as the minister that took care of Egypt’s financial affair. And as it is widely known, he was reunited with his dear father, Ya’qub AS and the rest of his brothers.

Egypt has also been a witness to Musa AS’s and his brother Harun AS’s da’wah to Pharaoh laknatullah ‘alaih. Pharaoh’s cruelty was clearly mentioned in Al-Quran when he ordered the murder of all babies which are boys of Bani Israel and when his wizards turn their backs against him. Pharaoh and his men were finally drowned in the Red Sea, before he was able to seek repentance from Allah SWT.

And then there was a warrior named Saifuddin al-Qutuz, who had beaten the ferocious Mongols during his reign in Egypt. There is also Salahuddin al-Ayubi, the man responsible to free Baitulmaqdis from the Crusaders who was also originated from Egypt.

It’s clear, how significant Egypt is as a blessed land not only because of the anbia (the Prophets), but also because of many significant figures that fought their battle to uphold Islam.

Fact #2
The army involvement in Egypt’s modern history is not something new. King Farouk, the last monarchy of Egypt was overthrown by Muhammad Naquib and Jamal Abdul Nassir, which are both army officers. Muhammad Naquib later went on to become the first president of Egypt, and consequently was overthrown by Jamal Abdul Nassir after only one year in the office.

The military reign on Egypt was later continued by Anwar Sadat which was later assassinated by his own officers in the year 1981. Anwar was later replaced by Hosni Mubarak, whom ruled Egypt until early 2011, when he was later overthrown by the people during the infamous Arab Spring.
From the era of Jamal Abdul Nassir until Hosni Mubarak, the power was fully given to the military, over a period of 44 years.


(Based on my limited knowledge and reading, though its military based, there were still legit election held at the early stage of Mubarak's reign, but the election becomes questionable later on, so I am not sure how to classify what type of ruling (full military or not) and I am no political expert, so I am merely translating here..)

The Naguib and Jamal conspiracy

Fact #3
The turmoil that is currently happening in Egypt is the effect of military coup, led by General Abdul Fatah as-Sisi on President Muhammad Mursi who was brought down on 3rd of July 2013. In response to that, President Mursi’s supporters hold protest and peace demonstrations all over Egypt, but the main focus is in the capital, Cairo.

The overthrow of President Mursi was seen by many parties as illegal and illegitimate due to the fact that he won the election fair and square, when he secured more than 51% of the people’s vote. Ironically, the parties that hold demonstration to bring down President Mursi claimed themselves as fighters for democracy.

Fact #4
Egypt’s 2011 election, which for its first time in many years was hold fully transparent and fair, with almost no involvement by the military and deceit by the government sees Party al-Huraiyyah wal ‘Adalah (Freedom and Justice Party) which is the political wing of Ikhwanul Muslimin, had a big win when they managed to gather 37.5% of total votes, followed by Party Salafi an-Nur (27.8%) and Party al-Wafd (9.2%). Both FJP and an-Nur are based on Islamic ideology, so indirectly, the Egypt’s parliament has been dominated by those that are fighting to uphold Islam. This is an obvious threat to the liberal groups in Egypt.

Party al-Hurriyyah wal 'Adalah (Freedom and Justice party) 

In the beginning FJP did not want to send candidate to contest for the Presidency, as it is not their main goal. However, after seeing the potential harm of not contesting, and the greater good that needs to be defended, they have decided to send Khairat Shatir to be in the running for that position.

However, due to technical difficulties that to me I considered as small and petty, Khairat Shatir’s nomination has to be cancelled. Muhammad Mursi, which is the president of FJP, was sent in as the replacement. He officially won the presidential election on 24th June 2012 and became the first Egyptian president that was elected by a democratic election.

Fact #5
Among those that are behind the demonstration and protest that leads to the downfall of President Mursi are Muhammad el-Baradei, Amr Moussa, Hamdeen Sabahi and Hisham Bastawisy, almost all of them lost in the Egypt’s presidential election. Now, do you see what is at play here?

There were claims from Ikhwanul Muslimin how el-Baradei and his man are in cohorts with the Israeli Zionist and United States of America in planning the chaos in Egypt which ends up overthrowing President Mursi.
El-Baradei was appointed as the new Vice President for the temporary government that is after being protested by many parties that disagree to the proposition to elect him as the new Prime Minister.

Latest, el-Baradei has resigned as Vice President because he disagrees with the military action that killed the protesters in Rabaah Square and the area surrounding it.

Oh el-Baradei, that still would not clean your hands from the blood of the people of Egypt.

Fact #6
It’s an open secret that US, Israel and other enemy of Islam are behind the scheme to overthrow President Mursi and ends FJP authority in the parliament of Egypt.

The Tamarrud Campaign, a name given to protesters which is against President Mursi was proven to have received funding from the US, as reported by Al-Jazeera.

Among the first action taken by the temporary government led by President Adly Mansour is to close down the border at Rafah, which previously opened up by President Mursi. This border has been an important link to the Palestinian in getting their basic daily supplies. This closure has clearly shown the coalition between Israel and the new Egyptian government.

US and Israel is the real fighter for democracy..? really?!!

Fact #7
The other Arabic countries also play a part in the despicable conspiracy in overthrowing President Mursi. As soon as Adly Mansour was appointed as the new president for the temporary government, Saudi Arabia is among the first that sends its congratulatory message to Egypt.

Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and UAE, each funds their financial support that worth billions of USD post the downfall of President Mursi. These countries are well known not in favour of Ikhwanul Muslimin for fear of the ideology that it brings.

On the other hand, two countries that been loudly voicing out their protest on the coup are Tunisia and Turkey. The president of Turkey, Reccep Tayyib Erdogan did not acknowledge the temporary government led by Adly Mansour and demand that President Morsi to be released and returned to his original position.

Fact #8
On July 3rd 2013, General Abdul Fatah as-Sisi announced on the Egypt’s national TV that the military has taken over the power from President Mursi due to his failure to fulfil few demands by the Tamarrud and the ultimatum was given by the military. President Mursi was arrested in an unknown location, apart by the military.

Who is as-Sisi? He was appointed by President Mursi to replace Muhammad Hussein Tantawi as the Commander-in-Chief of the Egyptian Armed Forces. He is seen as a moderate figure due to his strong religious stand, the most suitable candidate to replace the old Mubarak regime. Who would have known that he will be the main player in overthrowing his own boss?

After appointing Adly Mansour as the president for the temporary government, as-Sisi appointed himself as the new Minister of Defence apart from the Deputy Prime Minister.

As-Sisi, how much blood has you caused to shed? Have that answer ready in front of Allah SWT.

Fact #9
What/Who is Ikhwanul Muslimin (Muslim Brotherhood)?
It would be nuts to explain about IM in one single fact!
Imam Hassan al Bana
Ikhwanul Muslimin is a da’wah movement that was founded by Imam Hassan al-Bana in the year 1928, as a direct response to the downfall of the Uthmaniah Caliphate in the year 1924. The history of this movement is very long and colourful, and suffices to say that the history of modern Egypt is heavily influenced by this movement.

The clash between the military and Ikhwanul Muslimin (IM) is very well known. IM members have been massively detained, thrown into jail and reprimanded during the era of Jamal Abdul Nassir, and total members that was caught was estimated to reach millions all over Egypt. Many of them were released when Anwar Sadat reign, but was later captured again when Hosni Mubarak took over. Among the prominent IM figure that lost their life during the dictatorship includes Sayyid Qutb, Abdul Qadir Audah dan Syaikh al-Faraghli.

Since then, IM was banned from actively moving, even more so in the political arena as the rulers sees them as a major threat. However, IM members keep on moving within the society hiding behind different names or different organization.

The popularity and influence of IM within the people is obvious when finally they are allowed to contest in the election post Mubarak downfall, it was an easy win in most places especially in rural area. Apart from that the people’s uprising against the overthrow of President Mursi involves millions of Egyptians that describes the solid support to the movement that is almost reaching its centenary.

To date, IM plays and important and active role in painting the picture of socio-political and economical of the Egyptians.

Fact #10

The massacre that happened to the protesters starting from 14th August 2013 happened when the military decided to clear the Rabaah Square, al-Nahda Square and Mustafa Mahmud Square in Giza off President Mursi’s supporters. Before this, there has been attack during early morning (Fajr) where Mursi’s supporters were shot by sharp shooters while performing Fajr prayer on 8th of July 2013. This is syaitan at play.

But the massacre that took place on the 14th of August is far worse and out of bound. They were not only murdered, the mosque was set on fire, the dead bodies of the martyr were burned and some were rolled over by bulldozers alive!! Total fatalities were quoted differently based on different sources, but the highest reported is more than 2,200 lives. This is outright cruelty that went way too overboard, and to make it worse, it was done by the Egyptians, to their own people. Some even describes the military’s action was pretty much a plot by Israelis and US, far more despicable and  sickening from Bashar as-Assad’s killing of his own people and the Israel towards the Palestinians. Their actions have violated all humanity values that have ever existed.

World’s reaction, as usual is predictable, only capable of condemning the cruel act of as-Sisi and his dogs. Even the US themselves, which the hands are smeared with the blood of the Egyptians joins the world to condemn the act.

Fact #11
Do I need to mention, what is the real reason President Mursi was overthrown? Or what was the justification used by the Tamarrud and the military to bring down President Mursi?

They claimed President Mursi had failed to keep his promise when he was first appointed as the President of Egypt. He had failed to reinstate the bad economic condition, apart from a few other political, economic and social factors. This includes more job opportunities, the police that vandalize the protesters and many others.
That was their justifications.

The truths is, it’s unreasonable for President Mursi to reinstate fully the almost ruined Egypt from all aspect post Mubarak’s regime years of ruling in just one year. Mursi would need Harry Potter’s wand or countless magic spells to turn Egypt to a prosper, peaceful country in the blink of an eye.

Regardless, President Mursi’ biggest ‘sins’ that really cause uneasiness among the opponents are:

  1. Increase the productivity of wheat production from 20% to 60%
  2. Developed industrial factories such as electronics, arms and cars that open up job opportunity and reduce Egyptian’s dependence on import materials.
  3. Given the freedom to media, to a point they were not ashamed to slander him almost every day. Regardless, he was cool with it and handles that with patience. (if it happened in Mubarak’s time, the editor would have gone straight to jail)
  4. Memorize the al-Quran completely and became the imam at masjid.
  5. Refused to live in the president’s castle and refused to be protected by private bodyguards.
  6. Support the fight of the Palestinians, Syrians, and Myanmar, by opening up the Rafah border for the convenience of the Palestinians. 
  7. Freed up the Egyptians government from the military rule.
  8. And many others….

These are the real factors why he was brought down. The real factors as to why President Mursi was overthrown are because he brings out the Islamic ideology in his ruling. It’s fair, just, trustworthy, clean and wise. How can taghut (one who exceeds the limit, worship anything but Allah) and jahilliyah (stupidity or ignorant) resting quietly seeing such leader in power. If they let Mursi and IM continues bringing changes that leads to full implementation of Islamic nation, they know Islam will rise again. Therefore, they started to seed their evil ploy to bring Mursi down.

So that is it.

Now, you know a thing or two on what is happening in Egypt? As I mentioned earlier, a post this brief might not give a comprehensive understanding on the turmoil that is happening in Egypt. But I believe it is enough for you get a rough picture of the current situation.

The on-going crisis must not be taken lightly by any of us. Egypt is a blessed land that needs to be defended. It’s the entry point to free the al-Quds. And it’s not impossible that it might be the starting point to Islamic victory that just beyond reach!

I am very confident, whatever that our Egyptian brothers are facing right now is part of Allah’s test, to eradicate any existing elements of jahiliyyah and taghut, before Allah lift them to a higher standard. What our brothers and sisters are facing in Egypt is a trailer from Allah before he grants the more superior victory!

Allahu Akbar!

While we here in Malaysia, keep on sending our prayers for our brothers’ and sisters’ safety and victory in Egypt. Share and spread the trustworthy news and facts about what is currently going on. Educate our society to be aware on what is happening outside.

Because Egypt is not just a country in the Middle East, the Egyptian is not just a group of Arabic people. Egypt is not just a country that holds the legacy of Pharaoh, Haman, and Qarun.

It’s not impossible the condition in Egypt will be prolonged and leads to Civil War. Nauzubillah. If that happens, it would be much worse and even more atrocious than what happened in Syria. At least in Syria it’s a clear dispute between the Shiite and Sunni, but in Egypt, it’s between brothers of the same belief.

Their pain, suffering and tears over there, are ours too. 

The defeat of Egypt is our defeat too. But with the winning of Egypt, the superior light of Islam will be shining bright, Insya Allah!

Narrated Abu Hurairah: Allah’s Messenger said, “He who removes from a believer one of his difficulties of this world, Allah will remove one of his troubles on the Day of Judgement; and he who finds relief for a hard-pressed person, Allah will make things easy for him on the Day of Judgement; he who covers up (the faults) of a Muslim, Allah will cover up (his faults) in this world and in the Hereafter. Allah supports His slave as long as the slave is supportive of his brother; and he who treads the path in search of knowledge, Allah makes that path easy, leading to Paradise for him.” (Muslim)

So where does that leaves us? Do we turn a blind eye, keep it silent and refuse to hear. While our brothers and sisters are being victimized, slaughtered and brutalized by the evil taghut..?

Go ahead and don’t forget to have a very good excuse to defend ourselves in front of Allah at Masyar later.


I have received request to include the reference sources to the facts that was presented. Most of the fact that was shared is widely known, so either it’s easy to get it online or based on memory from my previous reading.

Insya Allah, the facts that I have shared is legit and true, no reason for me to fabricate and twist the facts. Indeed, I am very scared of Allah’s punishment. But if however you found that the facts are doubtful or inaccurate, please correct me, so that we only share facts which are true and legit here.

There are request to translate this article to English. Honestly I do not have the capacity to do that for the time being. I welcomed any party that wish to do that.

Alhamdulillah, the feedback for this article is very welcoming. Please share and upgrade if you find it beneficial for the ummah and give the awareness to us that there is a lot more tarbiyah and da’wah that we need to do. Verily the victory for Islam is near, but it will not come without the sacrifices be it monetary, our energy and our soul.

May Allah bless us, biiznillah!

Alhamdulillah, I think I managed to keep it 90% close to the original post. All the good things are from Allah, and the bad one are my own doing. Wallahu 'alam...


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