Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Twas the Year 2012

Assalamualaikum wbt (for the benefits on non Muslim, peace be unto you),

I am going to start off with this greetings consistently from now on :)

As the sun sets and as most of the celebration kicks in, here I am again, alone in my rented home with nothing much to do. I am holding the pager, but even if I am in KL, I don't thik I'll weather through the crowds just to say hi to 2013. I am kinda old.. I guess ;) I treasure the quite moments at home, watching sinetron on TV (ya buk..masih lagi deh nontonnya :D)

This year 2012, has been the year with my least entry in this blog. I guess one of the reason was because I started using smart phone and I get online the normal quick touch and go thing, be it to check FB or some other stuffs. And I logged on to the blog even less when Instagram is available on android... (a cheapskate talking here y'all!!!)

So what happened to me this year? A lot actually, see if I can remember all and list it down here (did I mentioned I'm old..?) hehehe...

I can't remember much of what happened in Jan, but one thing for sure I had a blast doing this with my friends..!!
January action
In Feb, I made it to the land of middle earth, story only half told here, and in Sha Allah I will pick up where I left off here later :)

In March, probably one of the start of my physical activity as I joined my colleagues cycling from Seremban to Putrajaya, I took some 3 hours, if I'm not mistaken...(phheewww....)
Now what happened in April..? nothing much, I guess, or have I forgotten it? (Yes, age is catching up.. :P)

In May I managed to unwind with some friends in Janda Baik. It was meant to be a reunion for ROTU UiTM Batch 21, but as fated, only 4 of us made it, nonetheless we had a good time just chilling out.
June probably sees me busy running around (or swimming around!!) . This year the nieces + nephews club has one more member, Hana was born in March and we have the first outing for all the kids in June. They were treated to fun ride at Cosmos Times Square by Mak Teh.

Sometime mid month, I went to Redang with people at work. The snorkelling trip was fun considering I have not been swimming for the last 10 years, and yes, I did have a  panic attack once they let us off in the sea. Well, I'll try to blog about that later.

Did I say I was busy running around? well....fast walking is more like it. I managed to complete the Standard Chartered Marathon : 10KM within 2 hours, and after that sore feet, pain in the joint etc for the next 2 weeks, serve me right, I had it coming I guess ..hehehe...

too tired to stand :)
Now what happened in July..? I was busy working I guess..hahaha..finally work after all play.
Ramadhan was somewhere end July and as usual we have the iftar with local communities. This year its a bit special. Our event was graced by Yamtuan Besar Negeri Sembilan. He, Tuanku Ampuan and his two boys (wink, wink!!) joined us at Masjid Kg Paya and yours truly was asked to be one of the usherer for the day. We all are all given a free baju kurung each (yes!!) by the organizer :)
notice the gents does not have matching outfit :D
After that life pretty much the same with Eid and all. I can't remember where I put my photos, must still be in the camera I guess :P

In October, I reached another milestone by reaching the Low's Peak of Mount Kinabalu. A picture would not do justice to the adventure and I promise you I will write a whole post on it.

In November, we had an open day at work, where the worker are allowed to bring the family and they were given a guided tour around the plant. Yours truly was volunteeered as one of the tourist guide. Again, I thought I have downloaded the picture but can't seem to find it now.

Dr K was approached by some of the locals and asked us to organize a youth program at the local masjid, and as usual, I was pulled into the organizing team. With the help of his usrah and my usrah, we managed to came up with Klinik Remaja Islam Soleh (KRIS) . I was in charged of the ice-breaking game and believe it or not I was referring to some of the Christian sites for the games !! anything good would do, its not like the game involved the kids understanding the concept of trinity or anything like that, its teambuilding type of activities :) More pics are on his webpage .

Since I was on duty during Deepavali, I managed to round up few ROTU gang and had them coming over for a picnic. This time, turn out was a little bit more than during the 'reunion' but still not more than 10. Whatever it is, we still had a good time catching up.

Come December, I joined yet another activities organized by the company's sports club, this time its a trip Beijing. When I enroll for it, it did not occurred to me that we are going in the winter time. I will blog about this, hence a sneak peak would do :)

The year 2012 ended with me attending the 2-days conference, Twins of Faith 2012. And as usual, the sheikhs keeps us entertained and at the same time gave us some very good reminder of the states of our deen. And yes, I will blog about that in detail later...Guess I came out of this with bunch of delayed post for 2012. Its better late than never, they said.

Till we meet again in the next post, pray for good health and great year ahead to all of you, I really hope something can be done to stop Israel oppression against the Palestinian in 2013. Enough of the all talks yet no firm action. I hope Egypt & Syria can be stabilize soon so that they can return to their glory days in 1940-50's of helping the Palestinian. And I also hope that I can join one of the solidarity mission to Gaza, in Sha Allah.. :)


  1. hepi new year laling...
    yam seng! yam seng!
    cantiknya gambar di tembok cina tu.... teringin sgt nk pi..
    azam taun ni jgn lemau updet entry macam org lain ek..

  2. Assalam Jeet,
    I'm sure 2012 must be an awesome year for you! Banyak berjalan yah!
    Okay girl, happy new year, semoga senantiasa dalam barokahNya!

  3. Hi Jeet, Wow! Love the pics here of your very interesting, exciting adventures.....
    And you sure have very pretty friends too.
    Wishing you the very best of the new year.

  4. happy new year kak tek ;) azam taun baru nak rajin..rasany focus weekend utk update entry, mintak2 x lemau la ye.. :)

    salam kak yong, awesome jenjalan n habiskan pitih..adus...hehehe..tapi xpe, bila lagi ye dak, happy new year to you too and may we all be in His blessing forever and ever..amin..

    hi uncle, pics are one of the few things that i used to preserve my memories, considering i don't write much nowadays, you mean pretty friends in the first pics? one of them is model you know :) guess which one..hehehe..


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