Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Parcel from the Haram (jangan salah faham ;) )

I wanted to post this last night, but I don't know where I misplaced my bband, so doing it now :)

Yesterday I received a parcel, with some arabic writings on it. The first thing I saw was a postcard, and instantly I knew who was it from. :D

the postcard was for the original sender ;)
But hold on..normally its not this much, then I started to open up the package, its a bunch of posters (maybe newsletters) and another postcard meant to the original sender. I quickly texted her, and after series of text later, I finally understand, there must be some glitch at either Saudi's post office or Post Malaysia itself. The whole thing was put into a transparent plastic bag, and the only visible address was yours truly :P

The parcel was by mistake sent all to me.  
the original receipient!!
I wanted to open it, but since there is visible address on each package, I chose not to :) Today, I am mailing this back to the intended receipient.

And this one is for me :D syukran ya ukhti dieya!!
Rindunya nak solat depan Kaabah..lepak di Masjidil Haram....


  1. Doakan kami pun ada rezeki ke sana jugak nanti! Huhu.

    1. InsyaAllah...amin..bwk je anak2, pak arab ramai je bwk anak2 kecik, berlari seronok dorang buat sa'ei :)

  2. u r most welcome babe!
    ingat konon2 nak bagi surprise hantar postcard from makkah.. sekali tuh satu beg plastik diorg bagi u.. i pulak yg surprised!
    can't wait for mine to reach me.. hahahaaa

    btw, happy belated birthday!!!!

    1. hehehe...it was a surprised, 2 in 1..ngan u skali kena surprised, dah sampai belum?
      happy belated birthday to you too ;)

  3. Is it me or Dieya has this 'luck' with postings/parcels and such? :D

    And hey, happy belated birthday to both of you girls!

    1. aida, either the post office people simply loves you or they just would like to see more of you ;) tu yang asyik pura-pura mishap in all the parcel sent :P

      thanks bnyk2!!

  4. Hi Jeet, interesting post.....
    How you doin'?
    Just dropped by say hello.
    Have a nice day.

    1. hi uncle...i've been good, just a bit busy running around, you have a great day too ;)


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