Thursday, June 28, 2012


Assalamu'alaikum.....ada orang kat rumah...? Lama betul tak jenguk ke sini...( bahasa melayu pulak..hehehe...)

Well, actually today is not really a happy day, I was partially heartbroken....why...? Portugal lost their semis, of course, the only saving grace is they lost to Spain, another favorite of mine and they fought all the way up till the penalty shoot out.

During Europe war period, I have been pretty occupied keeping myself up to date on the games and scores. Despite being in the group of death (again!!) Portugal really showed their true capabilities. C.Ronaldo did well as captain, but its not a one man show. I think critics would tend to agree that this Portugal team are among the best that they have seen with Pepe & Fábio Coentrão holding the fort tightly at the back. Solid defending, even the German attacking machine only managed to score once.

I've said this since 2004, they just need to have a better finishing. No doubt C.Ronaldo did managed to score, some good ones I might say, but they still lacking on forward. Nani has been slightly under the radar, but still very helpful with the passes. The best forward that they have maybe Helder Postiga, but still needs more polishing. Too bad my favorite no. 6 Carvalho was not playing, else it would have been more interesting, especially for last night's game against Spain, where most of their teammates from Galacticos were playing :P

Anyhoo....I was entertained in all the games, especially with fluid movements of João Moutinho & Raul Meireles, indeed a world class performance.

I leave you with my closing statement. I love Portugal since.....2000 (I think). Way before C.Ronaldo make headlines worldwide. I supported them since the days of Pauleta was their top scorer, since Luis Figo was not the most cap holder, since João Pinto was among their biggest star, and even since my first ever Portuguese crush was on top of his form, who else, Nuno Gomes. So kids, Christiano Ronaldo did not seal the deal...I was a fan way back when.. :)

the magnificent 11!!


  1. Jeet,
    Patut la rumah sunyi sepi, dok ngadap padang bola rupanye ye. Dok agak2 gak jugak :D

    Ronaldi didn't seal the deal? But hey, but he sure is a prize eh? :D

    1. ya betul...!!! having him in the team that i support is just like icing on a cake, takkan nak say no, si? :D

  2. Jeet... dah boley ganti Hasbullah Awang nampak komentarnya tew! Minat bola ek? Hakak sekrang dah tak berghairah lagik dah nak nunggu bola, kul 10 mata dah mcm digam2! Nampaknya sokong Spain la ni yek di final nti?


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