Sunday, July 22, 2012

Save Maryam

Assalamualaikum w.b.t,

Dearest brothers and sisters, this was shared to us during the recent Al-Kauthar's course. The campaign is led by Mercy Mission UK. Its really happening, and if nothing is being done, what we fear will come true. Please help to spread the word. A strong reminder to all to keep our aqidah checked. Not just for ourselves, our family's and our dear friend's too. May Allah help us. Amiinnn......


  1. this video has a very strong message. it reminds me of what an ustaz said to me a long time ago:

    "kemiskinan membawa kepada kekufuran"

    when people are poor, their faith towards God becomes thin. here we are talking about a very poor country, and most of the poor people are Muslims.

    i say let's pay our zakat and help safe the poor, financially and spiritually.

  2. Salam Jeet...
    Very true, misi mereka amat mudah meresap masuk esp. dikalangan yg duduk dlm lingkungan poverty, pelan2 meresap dlm bentuk hiburan yg melalaikan dsb. Jangan kata Indonesia, keadaan kt Malaysia ni pun membimbangkan, byk dah hilang arah sbb kadang2 takde support from cummunity terutamanya mualaf.
    Thanks for sharing dear,

    Salam Ramadhan al-Mubarak utk Jeet!

  3. Hi Jeet, hands that help are better than lips that pray.
    Good video.....
    I blame the many governments for having people poor. While the politicians become rich, and blind to what is around them.
    Best regards.

  4. Please kindly visit

    What Mercy Mission said about Islam and Christian in Indonesia is simply untrue.
    To use such kind of misleading data to raise money is clearly a real deception, this is a con for what any reason behind.
    To exaggerate the 'Christianisation' as a severe problem in Indonesia is by all mean like fuelling the hardliners to attack their non-Muslim neighbours. And of course, only Indonesians would suffer, the campaigners would get fresh money and run away easily and innocently.

    1. Saudara Iwan, terima kasih untuk infonya. I believe the intention of Mercy Mission is clear, just that they may make a mistake in manipulating the figure to further promote the campaign. The end does not justify the means. May Allah guide us all.

      jazakallah khairan,


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