Thursday, November 10, 2011


Z   : What keeps you awake at night?
Me: ?
Z   : What keeps you awake at night? I mean about work?
Me: Oo...(I ponders for like 2 seconds..)
Z   : Meaning our plant is safe then, we don't have to do anything!!
Me: Ooohhh no, you cannot equate my confidence to sleep at night with the plant condition. I have this ability to isolate myself. Once I got home, that's it, I shut down everything about work :P
We just laugh it offs :D

*Portugal will have to go through the play off rounds facing Bosnia for Euro 2012 qualifiers (again!!) Bosnia managed to hold them to a draw last World Cup qualifiers. And I bet they will pose quite a threat to Portugal this time around, why these guys never learned, why can't they qualify in the first round...why?? of why??

Pardon the ramblings, blowing off some steam... ;)

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