Saturday, November 12, 2011

Perempuan Berkalung Sorban

Indeed another Indon movie review, a story of how certain individuals that claimed to uphold Islam and yet failed to acknowledge the fundamental of Islam. This story is about a girl, born and raised in the middle of 'pesantren' run by her orthodox father who treats women no more than somebody that her is job is waiting for the husband's hand and foot. Though girls were sent to classes, they were not allowed to think at all.

The story shows how a woman suffers to break from the cycle, its also about love, and later the fight to make the 'pesantren' a better place.
This movie should be shown to celebrate women's fight for justice, equality for all. We did not asked to be leaders all of the time, but we asked to be treated fairly and with respect. I was blessed to be brought up in an environment that allows me to do almost anything. So it was painful to watch the injustice to women, and these people use Islam to justify their action, even though its just a movie.

I could not stop myself from watching Indon movies, I really longed for another Yasmin in Malaysia, Erma Fatima still fell short :(


  1. ya ampunnnn kamu suka bangat sih ama indo movie/sinetron? hehehe... tp citer2 cam karya habiburrahman mmg worth ditontoni, ia kan dong?

  2. thanks for the review Jeet. most indonesian movies mmg best.
    concur with you - we are in dire need of another Yasmin....

  3. kaktek dah slow sikit tengok cerita drama ni... dlm kepala kusut makanya cerita2 kungfu je boleh masuk... senang takyah banyak fikir...hahahaaa...

  4. Dah lama tak tengok cerita drp indonesia. Last sekali maybe cerita yg Habiburrahman tu. Maybe akan cari cerita. mmg suka tengok cerita yang inspirational mcm2 ni.

    Based on your short review and sebut pasal Erma Fatima, rasa mcm ada iras2 cerita Erma hari tu kat TV (ok, my memory is failing me, is it Ketika Cinta Bertasbih? yg ada Remy Ishak tu).
    We hear a lot of stories like this because our culture has been embedded too deep into our religion that sometimes it confuses us which is which.


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