Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Farewell Amoi~~

Another one will abandon the nest. This time someone really close. We started about the same time, but she'll be off to where her husband is right now.

We (the young ones) used to make time and go out for movies in S2. Always the case that we will have at least 5 movie buddies to go along. She was also almost the constant in the group. This week is her last and as part of her farewell, we went out for movie last nite, we watched Real Steel!! Highly recommended :)

We will miss her definitely, so long my friend, till we meet again :D

disclaimer: I did not make the montage, I was just the song advisor :P


  1. Jeet
    You watched Real Steel? Rasa mcm nak tengok sbb ada Wolverine (my heart-throb, ahaks) tapi my doter masih bz dgn exam plak...CS

  2. Tumpang yea jeet, nak reply komen cik som.

    Cik Som dear, moh ler kita date berdua, tengok cerita tue...

  3. Tumpang ya Jeet..

    Cik Pah Maya, kita lum kenal face to face, rasa malu plak tetiba date dalam gelap, auwww.. CS

  4. CS, pi la tgk, i thot so too masa mula2 nak tgk, tapi last2 jatuh chenta ngan character anak dia, sweet sangat ;)

    maya, silalah tumpang, tak charge tol lagi ni :P

  5. Jeet,
    *sama macam Maya, tumpang.. tumpang entry nak wish raya. ehehe!

    Selamat hari raya Aidil Adha buat Jeet sekeluarga. travel safe and have fun! :)


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