Thursday, March 17, 2011

Lethal Combination : Sedetik Lebih

KRU's brothers work + suara Anuar Zain yang meruntun hati + video klip yang artisitik + bait-bait lagu yang sanggaaaaaatttttt sweet. The whole thing was sold to me at the very first few seconds. I have soft spot for violin sounds. I used to think that piano makes a great sappy ballad, but I think violin just add the 'you break my heart' feeling even more.

*Apa ko merepek ni Jebat......?

*Entah....just check this out!!

Plus, Anuar Zain reminds me of somebody...huaaaa...lagi la sedih wei...

p/s: Thanks Adriza for sharing!!!


  1. Hi Jeet
    Sebenarnya I menjejak orang yang 'tiru jawapan I' kat blog Maya tu, hehe.

    Singgah at your profile, taulah I that you are a cancerian. Calet sket!

  2. calet a cik som ;) u pon jgk ye..


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