Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Its been a while...& I am screwed!!

I can't remember when was the last time I shared my insights in this blog. Have I lost touch to write stuffs? There has always been the case when I came across something, I thought of blogging about it, but when I finally sits in front of the screen, the thought just vaporised. Its not that I have many important things to tell the world, and its not like I have big shots reading this anyway, but just to keep my mind stimulates and express my opinion. Am I making sense?

On the second part of the title, I am screwed....why? My latest craze of watching sinetron may cause more time spending in front of the TV than I should. I have always been a couch potato, and I watch almost everything they have on TV. The latest sinetron that I am watching right now is Kemilau Cinta Kamila. I figured that since it was aired in Indon last year, the story might not be that long (compared to Cahaya's 232 episode..gila deh...) and it should be a quick series. Who knew that the series was such a hit, that within 2010 itself, it has been shooting and airing the second, third and fourth season. And now it is in the fifth season, I mean really???

You know how these series can haunt you. You'll loose sleep thinking what could happen next, yada...yada.... yes, that is my biggest problem now.
(while other people's problem might be avoiding Japanese food that may have been cotaminated by radiation, also how to help the disasters' victim)

So you see what I have to deal with right now? very insignificant indeed compared to the rest of the world.

Who cares what campaign is going on in Sarawak right now, my sinetron problem is much bigger that that!!
And do I care about some politician's video exposé? Nope, my biggest concern right now when will Kamila and Fadil realise their feeling for each other.

So much for insights huh? :P


  1. masalah negara kekdahnya...

    reminds me of those days of me watching spanish telenovelas.. separuh nyawa tunggu bilaa laa lisa and santiago nak jatuh chenta.. bila santiago nak discover margarita pregnant anak dia.. bila augusto nak bangun dari koma.. bila margarita nak mati.. adehhh.. cabarannnnn!

  2. hahahaha...betul..masalah negara la sgt..tergelak2 bila u mention pasal telenovela, the story line itself, is sometimes predictable, but somehow they managed to keep ppl like us tune in episode after episode...

    memangla cabaran...hehehe...

  3. Amboiiii melayan kau sinetron Indon ek...akak sinetron Indon yg pernah jadik ketagih tu citer mbak Khumaira, ishh tak ingat plak tajuk dia, yg laki dia kawin 3 tu..adehhh bergegas balik umah nak tgk kt tv9 tuh, tp bila dah nak last2 sakit betui ati...makin merepek lak citernya tu...sinetron deme selalunya gitu bila nak last2!

  4. betul kak yong, bile ingat nak abih, buleh pulak tambah plot baru, yang kita pon ikut la tgk..konon sayang sebab dah tgk dr awal.. :P

  5. TV itu semua setannnn...

    akak kalau tgk drama melayu ..ku rasa nak tendang2 TV ja

  6. AC..sabaq..sabaq...nak buat camna, producer melayu + indon ni kepala kreatip x brtempat, tapi masalahnya target market cm sy ni dok melayan..tu yg depa makin galak :P


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