Sunday, March 27, 2011

Earth Hour 2011-Peknek @ KLCC Park

On Saturday, a bunch of friends and I managed to hold a small get together. We wanted to see the lights went out and picnic under the stars. However, the park was lit through and through. Only the Twin Tower went dark for that one hour.

Potluck style, this is what we have :)
I baked the brownies ;)

See how the tower changes in time....

from the spot that we picnic
the people

I like this picture, I don't know why... :)
After the food did not quite settle yet we tried to play Taboo..but only after one round, we were chased away by the pak guard of KLCC park, saying that they need to shut the gate.
We have no choice but to flee the place. The rest went on to either Syikin's or Poova's place. I did not join because I have an early day today. All in all, we did not really see the earth hour effect, but I definitely had a good time :D


  1. Hello Jeet, love the pics here, well taken too. I love that last pic....with the towers background, classic shot.
    You have fun and keep a song in your heart.

  2. huishhh... siap berpicnic lagik tu, tp yg nampak best sekali tu mustilah nasi lemak bungkus tu!

  3. hi uncle lee, thanks a lot, still learning though how to use the camera properly ;)

    kak yong, sedaaapppp nasik lemak tu..smpai bwk balik yang abis tu, sekali sekala syok gak peknek memalam ni.. :O

  4. pengalaman kaktek earth hour 2008...tutup lampu rumah, pasang lilin kt luar.... masuk kereta, drive pi shopping mall cari air cond!!

  5. Jeet,
    u make me hungry looking at the food....uwaaaa

  6. Jeet,
    Awwww.. girls night (picnic) out! I like! You girls must have had lots of fun, eh? Hmm.. bribing the guard with some food might have helped? :D
    * psst! love your photos!

    We were extremely ready for the Earth Hour (earlier during the day) but totally forgot all bout it when the time came. Huhu!

  7. kak rasa kak tek sefamily tak keseorangan... :P

    maya, sempat jamu mata je la jawabnya.. :party

    aida, tu la..kitorang dah abis balik baru teringat nak rasuah pak guard tu, xpe , len kiranya huelva tak gelap la ye... :brow


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