Monday, February 7, 2011

All icon-ed up!!

I have been limiting my use of emoticons to ;) , ;) and ;) . No difference rite? hahaha.... I noticed that some of the blogger based blog have been using yahoo emoticon and being IT blind as I am, I tried to google on how to do it. Numerous website available, and as as far as I can see the instructions are simple. Sadly none of it work on my page, not sure why though. :P

So I resort to ET smileys. At first glance, the smileys are kinda creepy , with grey colour (as opposed to bright cheerful yellow on yahoo). But if I varied my choices, it actually looks cute 8)

Now I have more options to express my feelings rather than using the same icon over and over again :e silap.... :tone :O


  1. can't see you canggih smiley...?
    perhaps coz i pakai IE zaman batu kot.. ugh..

  2. it will take a while to load, so maybe kena tunggu sikit ;)

  3. Jeet,
    me like it very very very much! thanks for sharing......

  4. Jeet,
    hey I love your smileys, they look cute la! Hehe! Nanti buleh la try kat blog saya lak. Kalo saya sengih serupa Jeet, tak pe? Hehe! And thanks for sharing!

  5. shin loo, it requires modification at the layout html script, as in the link, good luck!! :f

    maya n aida, no problem, sharing is caring kan? :b


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