Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I survived!!

I had serious menstrual pain. For the past 4 months I have been exercising quite regularly, so the pain slowly went away. However during Ramadhan, my exercise routine took a breather. So the effects manifest itself during last weekend. I have to bailed out on 3 open houses and 2 visits, just because it was too painful and uncomfortable to move around. I feel so bad because some that I promised to visit I have not seen them more than 2 years I guess.

Come Monday I thought things will get better, but no.....I have quite a packed schedule, morning we have this 'Turun Padang' with the management, and later in the afternoon a farewell for a colleague, and all of that on top of my normal workload. I went to the meeting and was thinking to bail out on 'Turun Padang' as well. But when I think of it, not worth it, I just have to drag my feet, follow these people go around the plant. I'm glad that I managed to complete the walkabout. Its normal to do a bit climbing here and there during the walk, and somehow it eases the pain...

When I say climb, it is literally climbing...macam ni..
well, this guy is climbing a tank, I was climbing a platform to a column - pics credit to pakcik Google
And to add icing to the cake, a colleague and I last minutely prepared a slide show for the Lab Manager's farewell, just in the nick of time for the dinner....phew.....

Guess its all in a day's work!!


  1. Jeet,
    Alahai.. sian dia ye. Tabek sebab still mampu dan gagah memanjat tuh!
    * petua kawan saya guna bila senggugut teruk, dia bancuh milo panas and bubuh bunga cengkih, pastu minum. (jangan tanya apa khasiat ke hapa ye, tetiba tingat bila baca your entry :D).
    * hey, nice work of the slide show. buleh nampak orang tuh, kan? kan? :D

  2. oo...ok, next time buleh try..hehehe..nampak orang mana ni? uhuk..uhuk...(purak-purak batuk..)


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