Thursday, December 10, 2009

Why oh why???

Something irks me yesterday. I suddenly feels the urge to watch movie, browsing TGV and latest they are showing The Storm sis favorite Cheng E-Kin and Aaron Kwok is back with the second installment movie that comes from comics. I think the first one was maybe 10 years ago, or more...

The thing is nobody is available yesterday. I asked this one person whether or not that person is free and up for a movie. Then I get the call;

That person : What movie you wanna watch tonite?
Me: The Storm Warrior,
That person : What?
Me : The Storm Warrior, chinese movie
That person : Ooooo...chinese movie then count me out.
Me : Ok...

What the h*** was that? Its not just this person, in fact many other my friends have reacted this way. Why is it that we always see that only the Malay watch Malay movies...(well at least this one you can blame on the low quality, Yusof Haslam, Razak Mohaidden kinda movie) .

And if at all any HK movies are showing, only the Chinese watch it?

Why is it that Malaysians (all Malay,Chinese,Indian alike) only watch the movie that is of their native tounge?

Why is it that the only genre/type or movie that can unite all these 3 main races is only those come from outside (American movies, Brit movies..etc..etc)

Did we not have a Chinese friend, and Indian co-workers, that the least we should do is open our mind to these alternative entertainment. That I believe will indeed increase our tolerance towards other races.

I have only 1 (ONE) friend so far that watch both Chinese and Malay movie with me. No other people can do both at the same time with me.

Its not about the movie, its about why are we quick to accept foreign stuffs, rather than learn to accept those that is closer to us? Why?

By the way, I have watched Infernal Affairs 3 (a HK triad movie) alone in cinema and I was the only Malay at that time.

It is true that all these HK, Bollywood movies are not local, but they are supposed to be more dear to us rather than all the 'mat saleh' movie, at least in terms of the language, the people and their culture.

Maybe this doesnt make sense to some people but all the small things like this gauge our understanding of other races, and entertainment is actually the most effective education yet.

One more thing, a movie should be watched because of the story line, cinematography and many other factors, not just the language, at least in my opinion ;)


  1. well i don't know about your friends but... my high school friends, we do watch malay movies haha... and to my amazement, i even watched impak maksima with my uni friends... in cinema some more!!! we were the only chinese there... but to be frank, the storyline (actually the film itself) was really bad la haha... but there are good malay movies too... i personally like gol & gincu... and sepet, needless to say it's the best la... i even watch bad and lame (no offence) horror malay films like potret mistik and congkok...

    as for this storm warrior, personally i don't think i wanna waste RM10 to go watch it in cinema lor... (despite that i'm chinese and i'm "supposed" to like to watch chinese films...) well did you watch it yet? all of my friends who watched it say it sucks haha... and trust me, nowadays quality of HK movies totally drop like nobody's business... siGh, i miss those days of infernal affairs...

  2. hahaha..good tip, i was so close to going and watch alone ;) okla, just wait for the pirated dvd then..hehehe...thanks ;)


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