Monday, December 14, 2009

The Cake is in the Oven

Its end of the year, many people is clearing leave. From this week til new year, we only have 4 work-days a week ;) heaven!!! I have thought about this quite a while, wanted to do a get together with colleague, nasib baik I have Sakina, my cohorts for this pet project. She did the invite,RSVP and such, while I plan for the menu and sort of plan who does what.

The plan : BBQ at Sports Club
The time : This Wed, Dec 16th, after work till midnite?....depends...
The people : SRCPD's staffs, last count, 31 of us ( I was kinda expecting 2 to respond, tapi manalah tahu, the response is overwhelming..hehehe..)
The menu : Still in planning, but roughly have the idea, obviously have to be vegan friendly.

Today after work heading to Jusco S2 to buy more stuffs.

p/s: we did this because we know the co. will not do anything since the budget cut and why not do it our own ;)


  1. Hi,

    So how was the BBQ? Hope it went great! You are in your holidays now?

    Sy dok bertandang ke blog awak nih (tp blum abes baca suma). I like it a lot coz rasa ceria jek. :)

    Awak kat KL ke?

    *TQ for dropping by :)

  2. The BBQ went well, tapi cable cameraq lak hilang ;p so xde gambo lagi, nanti nak beli kabel baru upload, x syok cite xde gambo :)

    Thanks sudi datang melawat, kita keja lagi..cuti dah abiss huwaaa....!!

  3. Hi,

    La isk.. camno buleh hilang tuh? Ha ah beli and upload la gambo2 cepat (kepoh lak kita ek :D). Buleh la tgk. :)

    Nasib baik dah hujung tahun, buleh reload cuti nanti. Huhu..


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