Monday, March 23, 2009

Expectations, lots of them

Things that keeps us moving, expectation. You would not work very hard, if you know there is no future in your job. Or you wouldn't pursue somebody that did not meet your expectations right?

Well, people expects a lot from me, at least at work. I was away for quite some time, did not really attend to my day to day task and people expect me to solve all the problems the moment I swipe my pass in first thing this morning. Am taking it one thing at a time. Its just hard and I have to suck it. But since I had this clip below, my mood can never be destroyed :)

There are two of my favorites in it, Kris Allen (of course) and also Matt Giraud :)

Back on expectation, I actually expects a lot from people, not profesionally but more of personal level. I was on course last week, with a colleague. Well, we were in a place where most of the things are foreign to us, be it the food, way people talk, and a bunch of other stuffs. And this person just keep on complaining on every single thing. I seriously don't like whiners, BIG time!! Okay the first two days I put up with all the complaints but I got really wear down on third day.

I expect people to be a little bit more persistent to changes, and not to dwell on the small little petty things. Complainers, out of my way!!! I need more positive vibes around me. Not saying that you have to be optimistic all the time, because sometime it just doesn't make sense, but be reasonable. Don't complain unless it is rightly to do so. And instead of just complaining, why not do something about it.

How about that for a change?

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“Flatter me, and I may not believe you. Criticize me, and I may not like you. Ignore me, and I may not forgive you. Encourage me, and I will not forget you." ~ William Arthur Ward...

So what say you? ;)