Monday, March 16, 2009

Me in Sydney

Its 19:37 on my laptop clock, but the local time is actually +3 hours. Its my second trip to Sydney ;) First time was in Dec 07, for a meeting in Geelong and I fork out my own money to travel to Sydney and meet with my schoolmates, Siti. This time I have the opportunity of participating on a course here ;) All expense paid trip, but its a pity that I could not stay longer and discover more of the city.

This time, the journey has been interesting right from the beginning. I've bumped into Eric Casa Impian at the lift to Departure floor in KLIA. Then after checked in, I headed straight to MAS Lounge ;)..hehehe..since I'm flying on Business Class, hence the priviliged of the facilities. I was wondering around the lounge to get a good sit, where I can watch TV without many people around me. Found one, although the reception not so clear, it is still bearable. Asked one of the waiter to flip to any channel that air football, little did I know it was the Man U and Liverpool derby LIVE!!!

So there is me, a Malay lady clad in tudung and watching a football game alone ;) I have a peek at the buffet counter and guess who I spotted, Chef Wan!!! Of course, no photos taken as I was too occupied filling my stomach and eyeing the game. Later on I realised a lady sat on my back and seems like she is a Liverpool fan!! We said hi to each other and from our small talk we were not only rivals in football favorites, we rivals in business too !! Apparently she's with Petronas and going back to where she is based, London..oh how nice..

Travel on business class is a luxury!! No complaint at all. I finished watching Slumdog Millionaire before dozing off to sleep. Next thing I know is we are already on Sydney's air space ready to land. In this time of recession I am blessed to have been given the opportunity to travel and attend courses overseas. My only complaint is in this part of Sydney, Parramatta, no halal food available, hence the next best thing is vegetarian food and seafood. Two days in a row I have been eating pasta, I am becoming Italian..hehehe...

The course is going well for first day and the best part is, there will be TEST at the end of the week and passing mark is freaking minimum 80!!!

p/s: Man U lost 1-4 and I need all the luck that I can get for the TEST!!!


  1. Good luck on the Test...& have fun there! bertuahnya dapat attend courses overseas...

  2. thanks!! i passed the test, just above 80..hehehe :)


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