Monday, January 19, 2009

Budget Estimation

I have been doing a bit of research and here goes;
  1. Flight ticket : RM5000 (surveyed few airlines..MAS among the cheapest compared to others, once date are set, go to MAS fair and potentially can get 40% discount.
  2. Football Match ticket : USD 150-200(RM 450-600) -- Subject to preference, for sure I am trying to buy, no matter how much it is...well RM 500 is my ceiling price, I mean what's the point of going there if not watching one of the games right?
  3. Accomodation and food : Not sure the exact ones, lets target around RM1500-2000, to be on safe side
  4. Others : to shop for souvenirs or for safari tour fee..etc..etc
  5. Total : RM8000 , give some margin, say, RM10000.
  6. For RM10,000, if we start saving now till May 2010, we will have 18 months to save up.Which comes down to 10,000/18 = RM 555.6 per month..

So am I up for the challenge? Hell ya.....:)

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