Wednesday, December 23, 2015


Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wa barakatuh..

It was almost 2 weeks ago, the security forces started their strike. They had problems with the allowance that was paid to them, and not happy with how things turns up, they decided to stop doing their work. What that means to us is that, without security, there will be no movement. Hence, we were asked to work from home.

Last week, Corporate Security issued an email saying that they have managed to secure a trip to the IA, the bus will leave together with the airport transport. On normal day, we would have 3 buses leaving IA every day, not full though, but tentatively close to 50 expats that commutes using these buses. For this special arrangement, they were only managed to secure 1 bus. Occupancy is on first come first serve basis.

I was doing something that needs me to be in the office, hence I decided to go to the office. In the end, only 7 expats turns up. The rest decided to continue working from home.

During that week's fun run, we saw each other again after being coup up in the house for almost a week. The normal conversation revolves around our survival in the camp, this definitely the hot topic of the week. From this and few other occasions, here is what I gather on the whole 1 bus ride thing (I would not call it an issue though, maybe more of an opportunity). So let's call it 1 bus ride opportunity.

Person 1 (me) : Since its on first come first serve basis, I figured if I go there early enough, I will get a seat. The bus was said to be there at 7AM, but I showed up 10 minutes before,and I got a seat. Simple.

Person 2 (Anton) : When he saw the email, he roughly counted how many peoples are left in the camp. It was second week of December and no doubt some has started their leaves. Anton came into conclusion that if everyone that is in the camp shows up, we will still have ample seats for everybody. Calculative, and practical.

Person 3 (Yvonne): He simply chose to work from home, as he does not want to be fighting for seats in the bus, since it is only one bus vs the normal trip of 3 buses. Simple as well.

From this simple opportunity window, we get to see how people react to a simple situation, what influences their judgement and how different each and everyone of us thinks. Subhanallah...

Lesson learnt? Human minds are diverse, things get misinterpreted all the time. So before making any decision or jumping to any conclusion, see how other people think about it. You'll definitely gets a new perspective. 

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