Saturday, October 18, 2014

The First Time

The first time she saw him, the thought that crosses her mind was...
"Oh my,  that is so gay... Such a waste!". His ear rings and metrosexual looks gave it away.

He walked in, heading straight to the end of the room, talking to some guy sitting there. He didn't even saw her. She thought he was just a visitor, and that was it.

The first time she talked to him, was when both of them were waiting for the bus, just a casual chat saying good morning. That was when she found out that he was like her too, there to stay for a while.

The first time he asked her to do anything was when the bus is leaving the office, and he wanted to get a picture of the traffic police that is standing right in the middle of the road. He was not happy with the picture that she took though..hehehe..

The first time he made an effort to communicate with her, was during one of the get together session where she cooked something, and he didn't eat it. Many people did not ate what she cooked, but none says anything. He was kind enough to make a small talk with her, maybe trying to say that he will try it next time when she cooks anything else.

The first time he shared anything with her, was when they were out on the shopping trip, somehow the conversation turned personal and she found out he has sensitive skin, and that he's allergic to tree nuts. She took note.

She can't remember when was the first time he sat next to her in the bus, or when was the first time they had breakfast together, and she wished that she took note, as it might not happened again. But she clearly remembered when the first time she felt so relieved having someone to talk to when she was feeling really down. She will always remember that, as he became the shoulder that she cried on, though not literally, but at least something.

For now it's not history yet between him and her. She hoped for something more, but the feeling is not mutual. At least not yet...

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