Thursday, June 20, 2013

Sungguh...aku tersentuh...!!

Assalamualaikum w.b.t...

Let me tell you a series of events, and then at the end of the day how all that make me feel.
  1. Arriving at Residential Area with 2 people waiting.
  2. Arriving at the office with a booked cubicle under my name
  3. Heard my name mentioned even before I stepped into my future boss' room.
  4. Having talked to another manager (my future boss' level) only to find out he knows almost all about my recruitment, justification and what kind of development that I should be looking at.
  5. Receiving series of welcome email from fellow Malaysians here. And this leads to another memorable moments. By lunch time, a guy walks in, my future boss had emailed him earlier, letting him know that I am visiting, in just hours, I received those 'Selamat Datang' greetings, and this guy walks into the office and asked if I can join him for lunch, meet Bunyak, from Sarawak. We took a seat at the restaurant and sitting next to me was Vladimir (a pinoy by the way) and later Anton and Ravi (I think) join us. I get my brief intro to MASIP (used to stand for Malaysians in Port Harcourt) but now they have converted to Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore & Phillipines gang. They started throwing tips, jokes, do's and don'ts and there has even be a request for me to cook nasi lemak. 
  6. Today,we had Safety Day at work and I have to leave by lunch time to meet with the Outpost ladies (the expats wife) in the RA. Taxis were not available to send me back, so what happen is I was sent back to RA by the GM's driver (the GM is my boss's boss). Siap ada escort lagi..(well, that's standard, due to safety reason)..
    escort kat belakang ye...
  7. Same thing, during lunch I get more tips, packing list, tricks to 'bring in' stuffs and the whole enchilada. 
  8. The head of the Outpost ladies is actually the wife to my boss's boss. She later drove me around to look for the houses. The condition was bad, at least few that we looked at was a total rundown. No doubt the real estate people will fix it before I came, but the condition is too bad that it will take quite some time for the renovation. Of course we weren't too happy. My boss's boss was actually out on business trip, and he only came back later in the afternoon. With some turns of events, I was stuck with the wife until he came back. I met him for the first time in their house. (Gila ko..first time jumpa dah kat umah..gila personal) She told him about the houses condition, and he somehow sits on this committee that discuss about this kind of stuff, promised to bring this up. There are few other houses that we are supposed to look at, but tomorrow would be my last day. He asked me to push some of the appointment and make time to iron out all about the house issue. I will be in the office in the morning, and hence need a separate arrangement for the transport back to RA by lunch time, and guess what...? the GM offered his car and his driver...again...!!!
    Denise checking out the house for me
They even sent me back to the guest house after that. Reaching the room, it dawn on me, did I deserve this? I definitely gets way more than I deserve, too much, too good. Regardless, I felt blessed, rasa syukur sangat-sangat that Allah has put me in this position, around all of these people. Seriously rasa tak layak dapat nikmat sebanyak ini. I pray for Allah to give me the strength to deliver what I have promise them, moga Allah permudah segala urusan visa dan segala bagai...
*mode hari : tersentuh sangat-sangat....


  1. Assalam Jeet
    Alhamdulillah rezeki org bermusafir...

    Mak u mesti rasa lega bila baca entri nih and i assure you kitorang pun rasa serupa. Take care..

  2. Alhamdulillah. Seronoknya baca. Tumpang bangga dari jauh. Dah macam menteri dah ni! Haha. Semoga segala nikmat ni menjadi asbab untuk akak lebih dekat lagi denganNya, dan semoga ianya bukan sebagai satu istidraj. :)

  3. Alhamdulillah, praises to Allah, things are going very well for you. GM siap offer driver tu, jeles loh!


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