Sunday, June 16, 2013

Hidup Huru Hara...and for what?

Assalamual'alaikum w.b.t,

My life has been a complete mess of upside down for the past few weeks. Many reasons but let me just tell you two :)

One, we (the women at work) has been working on converting a cabin from a construction project to a mini library. I was tasked to be head of the furniture team. We started off by having a charity carwash on 9th May whereby the employees are asked to bid for their choice of leadership team members to clean their car. Of course, there were some hesitation at first in getting people to bid, :P but after a bit of persuasion, we managed to get the bid in. It was a success, we managed to raise more than RM 1500 in both bidding and donations.
volunteers playing a fool

this group really did their thing :D
From that money, off we went to IKEA and of course Jusco to splurge on the bookcases and pillows, the end result..tara...!!!
Furniture's team vision came true ;) Feature wall was done by a contractor, painting was taken care by other task force

The collection of Malay version of Harry Potter. My gift to the kids !!
Seronoknyala boleh summarize 1 month of hardwork to 2 para and 4 pictures (you wish is it that easy..hehehe..) Regardless, we handed over the library to the folks, and PD womens club will follow up to maintain the library.

In the midst of running around organizing stuffs for the library, I was also running around KL-PD almost once every 3 days or so, all because to settle things that leads to me being here. Where? Here, in a soon to be my rice bowl country, insyaAllah. As mentioned before, I received a new job offer, and yes, I am now in Nigeria. I am not starting work yet. I am on my APT (assignment preview trip). Leading to this, I need to get my medical check up done, which leads to multiple types of vaccination, you name it, I would most probably have the shots already, starting from the famous yellow fever vaccine, rabies (3 shots!!) , meningitis, hepatitis and yes I am still due for typhoid once I get back next week. Those shots are all taken in KL and I was scheduled to get it on Wednesday, so yes, KL-PD dah macam Cheras to Times Square dah gayanya...tiring OK!!

What more with the whole visa application, chasing letters from the Hague and all kinds of bureaucratic matters. At last I managed to get my visa on Friday 14th June. Flight confirmed on 15th, what kind of time gap that I have :P and that is not the whole of it, I still need to apply for my actual visa once I got back in KL. This is only a once off business visa for the APT trip only.

Let me just share the legs of travel this far (and I am not even at the final destination yet).
2200H : Taxi from flat to LRT Cheras
2220H : LRT Cheras to Tasik Selatan
2240H : ERL from Tasik Selatan to KLIA
2320H : Reached KLIA (I prefer the train from KL Sentral, non stop and only 28 minutes to KLIA)

0330H : KUL-Doha (flight time est 7.5 hrs)
1100H : Reached Doha , 1 hours break before transit
1200H : Doha - Lagos (flight time est 7.5 hrs)
1900H : Reached Lagos (local time around 1400H)
ye...nama saya binti Yusop..hahaha..dieya, totally got you :D
ample space for my foot..tidoq tak hengat!!
Am staying in for the night. Tomorrow morning (0900H local time) I'll be flying to my final destination, Port Harcourt. It will be a 1 hour flight. And from Monday till Thursday, I'll be meeting my future team mates, bosses and potentially neighbors too..!! Can't wait :)

on the way to hotel from airport. normal scene for them, well at least much better than begging, they earn their living and nothing wrong with that.


  1. Assalam Jeet
    Jauhnya awak bermusafir???

    Apa pun, all the best to you n take care.

    1. Slim CS....Tula...rezeki saya jauh sikit..insyaAllah...mintak2 dipermudahkan... Thanks :)

  2. Dasat. No wonder la tak berupdate. Ingatkan saya je yang paling busy dalam dunia. Rupanya akak lagi hebat! Haha. Happy to read this post. All the best ya. Semoga sentiasa di dalam pemeliharaanNya. Amin.

    1. xde la dasat mana paiz..cari makan..lagipun nak try jugak duduk tempat orang, ni consider ujian iman jugak..kita semua sibuk dalam rangka hidup masing2 ;) terima kasih doanya..amin... :)

  3. Jeet... elok2 bawa diri ke tempat orang naaaa...have a shining career ahead! God bless and take care yaa..

    1. mekasih kak yong...hari ni jumpa bakal bos..nervous weh...!!:P


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