Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Wordless Wednesday : Muchas gracias!!

Latest collection :)
With some bunch of your other stuffs as well
Babe, we may have just started a new tradition!! :D


  1. you've received it! yeayyyyy!!!!
    and i'm so happy to see those other stuffs too!
    your workstation looks awesome. i was just thinking of how to keep/display my postcards. maybe i should get a magnetic board too. boleh letak postcards dgn fridge magnets sekali like u did. awesomeness.

  2. thank you ;) and today just got another one, the one with the two dudes, i have to remove one of the 'don't disturb' sign to make way for the royals..hahaha..

    p/s: as if people care about the double signage, they still disturb me anyway :P


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