Thursday, April 19, 2012

Doakan dia....

A friend is terminally ill. She was warded last Sunday due to dengue. I never thought that it would get serious. People were admitted all the time for dengue. On Monday her platelet count drop, she was admitted to ICU. She was weak and refused any visitors. Tuesday, she was transferred to Hosp. Sg Buloh. When I heard about that, I know it must be serious, she was having difficulty in breathing. Some of the girls went to visit, I am stuck in PD. They mentioned she is bloated up, fluids are coming from organs, her liver is affected. Last night her BP stabilize, but no other improvement. She was conscious, but very weak. Her dengue subsided but her liver was swelling, no medication for that. We just have to wait and see. If in the next 24 hours no change she might fall into coma.

There's talk about her kidney not functioning well, another friend updated she is still lucid, managed to talk to her. I can only spend time tomorrow to visit. Ya Allah, please help my friend Eliana, make her better Ya Allah, I am not ready to loose her yet.....Tolong doakan dia sekali...


  1. Ya Allah. Huhu. Sedihnya. Laahaulaawalaa quwwatailla billaahil 'aliyyil 'azim. Semoga cepat sembuh.

  2. Kesian your friend, akak doakan she can make it.
    Tulah dianya takut betullah ngan denggi sekrang ni, kt opis akak pun ada sorang staff masuk ICU due to dengue berdarah. takut betullah sekarang nih, nak2 musim hujan-panas ni senang ia membiak. you take care too yah.

  3. Hi Jeet, I thought dengue no more where you are? Gosh, really regret read about your friend.
    Here's wishing her a quick recovery.
    Yes, our prayers are with her.

  4. i just notice this post. how's your friend doing now? hope all is well.

  5. Faiz, terima kasih, she's on recovery. but will take time.

    Kak yong, thanks doakan dia jugak, tu la..we have to be careful, mak sorang kawan, a doctor, she said kalo sekarang ni demam tak kebah 2 hari je, check darah ASAP..

    uncle lee, apparently we still have this quite a lot, i think malaria has ceased but dengue is quite hard considering we living in tropical area, we just have to be extra careful, thanks uncle,

    dieya, she's out of ICU now, but internal organ still not fully recovered, liver slowly recovering but she still needs dialysis once in 2-3 hours, it will take a while before she can get back on her feet, thanks for the well wishes,


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