Thursday, August 25, 2011

TLC - Travel Home Safely

From: Management & TLC Team
To: All Employees
Date: 24 August 2011

Subject EI : TLC - Travel Home Safely

Dear Colleagues,

As the holiday season is around the corner, many of you will be travelling long distances to celebrate the festivities and holidays with your friends and families.
Whilst we wish everyone a safe journey, we are making an extra effort to make your drive home a little bit safer!

Tomorrow 25th August from 3pm to 5.30pm, 8 Teams will be working to apply a rain repellant “Rain Slide” on cars (owned by staff) parked at the main office, near the canteen and outside the Main Gate. This rain repellant will be applied per the instructions and is intended to increase visibility during heavy rain. We hope that this small gesture will help towards better journey management.

For those who prefer to take their own precautions in improving visibility in rain, pls raise both your wipers to indicate your preference. We will therefore NOT “treat” the windshields where wipers are raised.

If weather doesn’t permit this exercise tomorrow, we will do so Friday morning.

Please note that we will cover as many cars as possible as this is on a best endeavour basis, being limited by resource.

Additionally, we will inform you if we see issues with Road Tax validity.

Management and the TLC team.

Its a good thing the company is doing to ensure we are driving back safely. I left my wiper down. I will be driving back at 4.30pm (Despite having a presentation at 3.30pm!!). I don't know whether they will be able to make it to my car. Am still working on the kad raya, so stay tuned... ;)

TLC-Tender Loving Care. The committe was set up to take care of the general well being of the workers.


  1. waaa...kayanya kampeni minyak ni..ada kerja kosong dak?
    TLC tu memang rajin ka..atau dah takde keje lain?

  2. wahhh behnya sampai gitu kompeni support yerk, klu akak saje tadah2 parking kt situ buley ke? dah lama kete akak tu tak buat rain repellant erkkk...
    have a save trip Jeet, balik kt ner raya ni?

  3. Wah, syoknyer... Too bad la pulak, my company tak buat camnie. If not, confirm i'll participate

  4. Jeet,
    WAAAAAAAAAAAH, SERIOUSLY? How nice and sweet is that, eh? Terasa sungguh dihargai gitu. Hehe!

    Balik 4.30 pm Kamis ka? Jangan rempit ye. Drive safe!

  5. kak tek, TLC tu lead by Finance Manager,abih accountant2 sume kena tonyoh cermin keta orang... :)

    kak yong, buleh je, tapi quality x jamin, sebab yang buat semua amatur, niat dorang yang baik tu penting!!

    maya, maybe next year u can propose :tup

    aida, betul..rasa appreciated, yes, saya balik 4.30 dan sekarang dah selamat sampai SP :party


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