Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Next: MYY

Assalamualaikum w.b.t

Last entry was in July..huhuhu... I was on roller coaster emotional ride of hope and disappointment these past few months. From May to be exact. That was when I started looking around for my next job. My expiry date here is 1st Jan 2018, after that I am no longer valid here (figuratively speaking). From May I have been keeping my eyes open on the next job, however, Shell Malaysia has one restriction. No back to back overseas posting. Dang! There were lots of jobs floating around in Iraq, Netherlands, US and even Brunei, and I was not allowed to apply to any of them.

So there I was at the mercy of Shell Malaysia to create that opportunity to me. I've mentioned my options before should I fail to get a position within Shell Malaysia and alhamdulillah, none of the options will take effect. I have just received a good news, not official but almost certain now. I will be placed in Miri for the next job.

When I started looking for jobs, I talked to many people and the message is clear. My only option was either in KL or just KL. Miri has no opening, neither is Sabah. Even after HSE team in EP Malaysia had their succession planning meeting in August, still no job in Miri. There is one job available in in KL and I've applied with very high hopes, only to be turned down. I came back from raya haji almost heartbroken (despite knowing that things can potentially goes that way, and having 5 options laid out by myself).

Somehow Allah SWT works his miracles. A person in Miri resigned, and a position was opened up. To cut the story short, they are not advertising the position and decided to place me there. I basically has no competition at all. Just had a chat with the team lead and she verbally confirms it. It has always been this way with me. Allah blocks all the possible way for me even before I get to the doorstep, just so I will continue on the road that He has chosen for me. I am not like most person, who gets 2-3 offers at a time, and dumbfounded as to which one to choose. That has not been my case.

So, Miri is next. Port Dickson>> Port Harcourt >> Miri. Praying for a smooth transfer process. :) InsyaAllah...

Pic from Google - Tusan Beach, Miri. Looking forward to go back to beach life :)

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