Saturday, March 22, 2014

Nasi Lemak Port Harcourt

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh...

Cerita ni dah basi....sebasi nasi lemak yang di tajuk itu sekiranya nasi lemak itu masih ada hari ini...hehehe..

Oklah, takmau panjang-panjang cerita. Here in the camp, the Outpost ladies tends to organize things to keep ourselves entertained. We are not allowed to go out of the camp, so we need to keep busy within the camp. They have been having 'Breakfast Sunday' once a month last year, and for 2014, things has finally get moving in mid Feb onwards. First month of the year, many people were still not back from their year end break yet. So the first breakfast event was only planned in March.

Annie approached me, asking if I have any ideas and since my last nasi lemak was like more than 2 months ago, I gladly volunteered to cook nasi lemak!! There were 2 menus on that day, American breakfast, and Malaysian breakfast. For the latter, we are asked to prepare 30 pax. I am still living in the guest house, therefore, Annie's kitchen has became my 'markas' for that weekend.

geoff and annie

ready for packing

yeah..makcik nasi lemak tengah sibuk ni...

ketaq tangan nak balut nasi lemak ni..last time i did waktu tolong mak meniaga dulu..zaman bila entah..tu pon mak yang balut..kami tengok ja.. hehehe...

display set

one finely wrapped nasi lemak..hehehe

satisfied customer, pak anton sama bu vivi

satisfied customer number 2, siap tapau..lupa plak nama mat saleh ni...hehehe

We sold the nasi lemak for 1500 Naira per packet, that is freaking RM 30 each!! but seriously, the cost is only 1000 Naira (RM 20 sepeket)...amek kau.. the raw ingredient indeed is expensive. Am rushing to do my packing now...later la I'll do the breakdown of the cost.

CS, I saw your comment, nanti saya reply ye.. :)

Till then..wassalam....I am heading up for another adventure, hopefully I am rajin enough to update after I come back. Taa....

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