Saturday, May 4, 2013

Whats up?

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh....

Sedar tak sedar lebih sebulan tak update post. Hutang janji manis untuk qada' post 2012 sampai la ni tak tertunai. Nasib baik tak masuk bertanding blog pilihan, kalau tak memang kena ungkit la janji tak ditepati...hehehehe.. :)

So whats up? What has been keeping me busy? Nothing much, but something quite big...hehehe...(kahwin...hhmm... takde rezeki lagi..). I have been successful in my application for a transfer..!! My window was meant to be opened end of year, so I've negotiated with my SV to let me apply as early as start of year. Having bad experience of rejection from last round, I am bracing myself for the same cycle all over again, except that I am more prepared this time.

Come Feb the internal job posting was opened. I've applied for 3 positions in different parts of the world. Staying true to what I have planned, I want to remain in Process Safety, a field that is relatively new, not many experts around. I didn't really place my hope high, but I was scheduled for 2 interviews. One did happened and another one somehow just passed by. The one and only interview was via telecon. First half of the session, the interviewers were selling the location to me...(yes, I was a bit confused then). The second part, I was then grilled on things that I've claimed to have achieved in my resume.

Around two weeks after that, I was asked to attend another interview, more details required on my 'successes' and 'challenges'. The session ends with me feeling a tiny bit of confidence, and not even 10 minutes after that, I was asked to called one of the interviewers back....and Alhamdulillah...!!! He told me, they want to take me in!! (Rasa macam dunia ana yang punya...hehehehe...) I didn't expect it to be that easy, honestly I am not bragging, I think Allah helped me a lot.

So yes, I am planned to move this year insyaAllah, if all goes well. The reason I am telling you today is, finally the official transfer process just started last Friday. Only a handful of people in the company knows, the rest, I'll let the cat out of the bag when the final date is firmed. The whole visa, customs and what nots will take around 4 months, give or take. So yes, tentatively, after raya, I'll be off to a new adventure.

I am moving to a country that is GMT+2. Starts with the alphabet N. And not many Malaysians are heading that way, definitely not a popular tourist spot, and I can say it is among the popular conflict zone. You must think that I am crazy to venture to such places. But hey, I want to experience life, and I think there is no better time than now. (Takkan dah tua-tua dekat nak retire baru nak pi duduk kat conflict zone pulak kan...? cari pasai la tu... :D)

With this move, I definitely limit my chances of getting married. Ni awat dok sembang pasai kawin ni..hehehe... Dah tu dua tiga menjak ni dok layan drama jiwang + novel khayalan agak2 real, mana tak kepikiran terus...
Start dengan apa lagi..Adam dan Hawa, pastu la ni dok layan SSID. Novel ini dibeli selepas menonton satu-dua episod drama-drama itu ye... Yang Suami Aku Ustaz tu beli dari tahun lepas..dok la peram dalam almari. Entah macam mana dah habis dua buku yang dah jadi drama tu, terpanggil nak baca pulak buku yang plastik tak bukak setelah berbulan-bulan jadi hak milik.

Rasanya terakhir baca buku-buku camni zaman sekolah kot, zaman U dah budget omputih, layan Sidney Sheldon & Judith McNaught ja..Lagipun zaman tu novel melayu kebanyakan pakai bahasa bunga-bunga sangat, sampai boleh nampak daun-daun menjalar ke kulit buku. Baca dua muka surat dah tak tahan ngantuk..mana nak habis sebuku.

Adam dan Hawa masih mengekalkan ayat bunga-bunga tu tapi tak teruk sangat, sebab tu boleh habiskan lagi. Itupun pakai teknik speed reading, satu muka ada la 50% ja baca betul, yang lain tu skim through ja. :)
Yang SSID dah ringan sikit bab bunga, gaya bahasa bersahaja, dan lagi cepat jugak aku baca sebab cerita yang sangat lucu. Nak-nak lagi dah start tengok drama, dok la terbayang Tiz (Syaf) ngan Izzue (Firash a.k.a Chad) dalam setiap muka yang aku baca.

Suami Aku Ustaz lagi santai, habis baca dalam 2 hari (ni pencapaian zaman sekolah ok...dah lama tak dapat baca dengan kelajuan yang macam tu..hehehehe..) Jalan cerita dan bahasa yang sangat lucu, nak-nak bila watak utama (Lisa) tu malu sendiri, macam-macam response dia nak cover malu bila muka dah panas :P

Oklah..panjang pulak membebel..nanti sambung lagi (janji manis lagi daaa.....)

Selamat mengundi, saya akan mengundi di P-124 Bandar Tun Razak. Saya undi untuk keamanan, kestabilan dan negara yang aman makmur, bebas dari kemungkinan hutang IMF gara-gara terlampau nak jaga hati rakyat dengan janji manis bulan dan bintang. Peace y' all. ;)


  1. omigod babe!!! how could you hide this from me!!!
    i'm super duper excited for you!!! congratsssss!!!!!!

    i think i know which country it is. can't wait to go visit you there. tak kira.. jemput diri sendiri.. u bagi ke tak, i datang jugak! hahaaha!

    1. i am still hiding this from most of the people..hehehe...tapi xpe, janji our plan next year on :) thanks, sekarang baru terhegeh-hegeh nak compile document for the visa and all, so it will take some time baru betul settle and move one with the new job.

  2. Salam Jeet. ..
    Tahniah. Soon you'll be a musafir. Alhamdulillah sbb doa orang bermusafir insyaallah kerap diperkenankanNya tapi kalau I jadi your mum, I akan ikat you tak kasi you pergi :-)

    Tak kira negara or tempat that N stands for tapi I nak teka it's Norway. Kalau betul tekaan I, ok gak tu sbb kita ada blogger yg duduk sana. Cewah...memandai aje I ek?

    1. hehehe...CS, yang norway tu interview tak xde rezeki, there is another country GMT+2, and starts with N, conflict zone (ni macam dah bagi jawapan je...hehehe...)

      mak risau jugak mula2..but now dia dah accept the fact yang anak dia ni degil, nak2 bab berjalan jejauh ni..redho je la... :D

  3. Jeet,
    Wishing you the best in your future adventures! Have faith and make the jump, girl!
    Keep us updated with your news, eh? I searched for the N country and I'm guessing it's Netherlands?

    Us too, are in the brink of moving. Too many things have/are going on lately.. marriage included.

    1. thanks :) will do, now handling visa stuffs, pening kepala jugak ni, hope everything goes well.. rupanya banyak jugak GMT+2 that is starting with N, your guess is incorrect..hehehe...nanti dah dapat visa, i'll update.

      did you know, one of the first thing that came to my mind after dapat this assignment is to plan a trip to EU, (I will be not be in EU..hehehe..) and where else should I go, first two destination is Huelva, Espana and Lyon, doakan dipermudahkan, so that i can go visit. even if you are moving, i'll be hunting you down...hehehe...

      balik m'sia ke for the big day? cant wait!!!! ;)

    2. Jeet,
      Yea can imagine the serabut and serabai when it comes to documents and stuff, more when it involves countries. Hopefully you're gonna settle everything soon :)

      Huelva and Lyon? I've heard that Lyon is a great place to visit. The best gastronomic place in the world, if I'm not mistaken. As for Huelva, kejam tak if I told you not to waste money la. Muaha! Even we ourselves can't wait to leave *sigh* Btw, will update you my location after we've moved.

      And the simple sempoi day has passed already la, last month, here. Yep.

  4. Congrats Jeet!
    Glad to learn about your new adventure that you'll be embarking on. I hope Allah SWT will make everything go on smoothly until you get settled there.

    Nk ikut gak Dieya!!


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