Friday, December 23, 2011

Twins of Faith & Before I Forget

I know I owe the continuation of Surah Yusuf for quite a long time, I typed some, hoping to publish tonite, but realized that I had some missing facts to be clarified, and I left the binder in PD, so I guess that will have to wait.

Some updates, I feel guilty for not sharing this earlier, but better late than never, at least some bit of promotion despite the fact that not much difference that I can make tomorrow. What is it? I am attending this carnival tomorrow and Sunday, Twins of Faith, Family Carnival. It will be held at PICC. The activity are jam-packed from morning till 10pm on both days. Some of the topics that will be covered are Modern Economics vs. Sacred Principle by the famous Ust. Zaharuddin Rahman, One Faith, One Family by an oldtimer ulama', Sh. Hussein Yee and Exemplary Women of the Past by Sh. Alaa ElSayed.
There are also workshop session in between all those talks, some that I have already signed up to are:

  • Women in the Eyes of God by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Harlina Halizah Siraj
  • Struggling to be a Better Muslimah Everyday by Wardina Safiyyah Fadlullah

Just pray that I have the energy to focus on all of them, insyaAllah. :D

Before I Melissa Hill

This is not a book review. Nowadays its really challenging for me to finish a book. Hence I make a point to have any book/magazine available in my bag all the time, just so I can finish a page or two. On the way to-fro Bandung, amazingly I finished this book!! Whats so special about this book? just add up to another my destination to go > the city never sleeps, yeah you got it right, New York. Not just New York, but during Christmas time!! There's a part when Abby, the main character bumps into a stranger that took her on a quick tour in the New York city on the day before Christmas. The way Melissa elaborate on the city's vibe in this time of the year makes me wanna go even more.

And to add more reasons, I just watched this last weekend
The whole story revolves around New York. Just watching how the city was decorated makes me wanna start planning already!! But wait, I still have few more places on my list to go, so NY has got to wait  ;)

And I will not plan to go NY alone, not unless I have Det. Flack's no in my phonebook..hehehe... :P

p/s: Kak Tek!! di manakah anda~~~ same shout out to Senorita Aida y mi amiga Dieya !!


  1. first of all, i must say that I admire your effort in joining majlis agama...i wish i could be like that when i was younger and without so many commitments, la ni dah beranak pinak and berfamili payah skek...(lame reasons huh?)
    aramakkk.. akak teringat citer Julia Roberts tu..Eat, Pray and...(gapo? lupo?), jeet suka travel alone? to find your true self? keep it up dear, tgh memuda akak sokong jewk!! citer new year's eve tu tgk promo cam beh je...

  2. nnti share ur exp on those sessions ok dear!

    also, Christmas in NYC...wahhh i tell u mmg syiok! i like it so so much. they may not have boxing day like the european, but the vibrant ciry has its own charm. err, u make me want to go there again la babe. nak ikut!!!!

  3. kak yong, saya suka jalan tgk tempat orang, for real, xnak yang orang atur2 nak gi mana semua, but then tempat yang kita sama2 paham cakap boleh la..kalo pegi tempat ayam ckp ngan itik kena ikut tour gak ;) sy x larat nak tggu 'the one' bwk jalan, tak nampak batang hidung jln je la dulu..hehehe... ;)

    maya, yup, akan diusahakan utk share, am determined to complete the mission!! :$
    NYC...i kena kumpul duit, nanti i roger bila tabung dah penuh k !!

  4. Hi Jeet, here's wishing you and all at home a very happy new year, and all the best wishes to happiness and lots of laughter.
    Stay young and keep well.

  5. Jeet,
    You called? Haiya.. sori, telinga dah lama tak korek, tu yang tak dengor tu. Huhu!

    WOW, NYC? I hope you get to go SOON (with or without Det Flack's no) and cerita kat sini. Bestnye! (tak sabor nak tunggu Jeet gi! :D)


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